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Vitamix CIA Professional Series or 5200

Vitamix CIA

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review. Comparing the Vitamix CIA vs 5200. Which is the better blender?

While the Vitamix CIA Professional blender is equipped with a powerful 2+ horsepower motor enabling it to blend almost anything and is backed by a 7 year warranty, the truth is... it is the identical blender to the Vitamix 5200. This brief review will explain why.


Let's compare them. Aside from PRICE, the only difference between the Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender and the Vitamix 5200 is the extras that come with the blender. The actual blender itself is the same except for what is printed on the base. Also, in considering Vitamix Professional it is important to know that even though it is called a "Professional Series", it is NOT made for commercial use and is no different from all non-professional named models. This is true of all Professional Series models, not just the CIA. The 7-Year Warranty covers home use only just like the 5200.


Basically, the Vitamix CIA blender is the 5200 that has been re-branded and endorsed by the Culinary institute of America. As a result, it costs $50+ more. The CIA Professional comes standard with the 64 oz container only and the Create series cookbook & DVD. The Vitamix 5200 allows you to customize the container and bonus package.

Reconditioned Vitamix Direct from Vitamix $299 same as QVC TSV
Vitamix Reconditioned Sale


In considering the CIA vs 5200 decision, for a better value you can purchase the Vitamix 5200 direct from Vitamix for at least $50 less with FREE Shipping. You can also choose the containers and package that best suites your needs. If your decision is mostly about cost then you should definitely consider a Reconditioned Vitamix for a savings of up to $170.


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Vitamix 5200


Vitamix CIA Professional

Dimensions   20.5" x 7.25" x 8.75"   20.5" x 7.25" x 8.75"
Under the Counter   20.5 inches high
17.25 with Compact container
  20.5 inches high
Speed Controls   High/Low and Variable Speed   High/Low and Variable Speed
RPMs   500 - 37,000 RPMs   500 - 37,000 RPMs
Power   11.5 amps / 1380 watts   11.5 amps / 1380 watts
Containers   UL Approved
64 oz. BPA Free Copolyester
48 oz BPA Free Copolyester
  UL Approved
64 oz. BPA Free Copolyester
Blade   4 prong Stainless Steel   4 prong Stainless Steel
User Control   Switches
Variable Speed Dial
Variable Speed Dial
Warranty   7-year Full Use   7-year Full Use
Colors Available   Black, White, Red,
Brushed Stainless or Platinum
  Black Onyx, Ruby Red, Brushed Stainless


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