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updated: April 2014

Blendtec vs Vitamix

★★★★★ 4.9 (17,128 user ratings)

★★★★★ Blendtec vs Vitamix learn the real-world, unbiased difference between them. Comparing the two best blenders on the market today. Which blender is better for YOU?

This ORIGINAL comparison review, copied by many, that reveals the similarities and differences between these two excellent high-speed performance blenders.

We use Blendtec and Vitamix blenders a *lot* on a daily basis. Our Vitamix vs Blendtec comparison is based on over 7 years of experience.



Performance  |  Best-Buys  |  Reviews  |  Chart  |  Controls  |  Warranty  |  Smoothies  |  Dry-Blending  |  Containers

Blendtec vs Vitamix - Blending Performance.

In Blendtec and Vitamix reviews, it's clear that they both easily crush ice. Both also make hot soups and nut butters, grind seeds, puree fruit and a whole lot more. They are also excellent blenders for making smoothies and green smoothies.


Which blender has more power? While the Vitamix 5200 draws less power at 11.5 amps/1380 watts vs. Blendtec's 13 amps/1560 watts, we have yet to find anything the Blendtec can blend that the Vitamix can not (we only do food - no iPhones, furniture, or automobiles tested).


Speed and Chopping: Vitamix speed control has a greater range of 500 to 37,000 RPM, allowing for control at slower speeds compared to the Blendtec RPM of 4,080 to 28,000. In comparing the Vitamix to Blendtec neither blender is designed to be a great chopper, although the low variable speed control of the Vitamix does allow for better chopping results.

Vitamix Reconditioned Sale

Horsepower: We choose to ignore advertised horsepower of the blenders. We do this for 3 reasons.

1) True performance incorporates more factors than just raw power. Both the Vitamix and Blendtec have sufficient power and torque to break through plant cell walls and blend any food product.

2) Horsepower can be measured in several different ways and reported differently. Therefore HP does not give a usable measurement for comparison.

3) Horsepower is not recognized in the International System of Units (SI).

While many Blendtec review sites selling blenders continue to advertise "3 Horsepower" you should keep the above in mind and note that even the official Blendtec site no longer makes mention of horsepower.

Both blenders are loud compared to a common kitchen blender but
Blendtec is noticeably louder
(the new Vitamix 7500 is the quietest)


*A note about the Blendtec Designer Series. While this latest release offers an impressive new design, for all intent purposes of our Blendtec vs Vitamix review it performs the same as a Blendtec Classic Series (Total Blender and HP3A). It's the same motor, power and jar - it's been redesigned with a new look and touch pad user controls. For additional details see our Blendtec Designer vs Vitamix 7500 review.


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Warranty and Durability

Which Blender lasts longer and has the better warranty?

The Vitamix 5200, 7500 and Blendtec are all very powerful and do a great job at blending just about anything. The Vitamix is bigger in size, having a more heavy-duty and industrial feel while the Blendtec Blender is smaller and lighter.

Vita-mix set the standard as the industry's best warranty with a complete 7-Years Full Use. Blendtec's warranty changed in 2012 to a 7-year warranty (but only if bought through Blendtec direct or an Authorized Blendtec Dealer). Extended warranties are available direct from both companies at a cost and on occasion club stores such as Vitamix Costco and Sam's Club offer warranty extensions.

Vita-mix has been making performance blenders for over 70 years vs Blendtec who has been making blenders for the home for about 7 years.

Vitamix is Made in the USA and Blendtec is Designed and Assembled in the USA. Both blenders are known for excellent customer service and honoring their warranties without hassle. You can be confident in your purchase with either.

Containers and Jars - Blending Volume and Blades.

All current Blendtec and Vitamix containers are BPA-Free copolyester plastic. Blendtec and Vitamix 5200 Standard packages come with a 64oz container. A unique feature to Vitamix is that you can replace or exchange their blades by removing them but there is no such option for a Blendtec as the blade and container is essentially one piece.


Container BladesWith its 2-prong blunt blade, Blendtec boasts a one blade does it all, both "wet" and "dry" blending in a single container. Vitamix containers have 4-prong blades consisting of 2 blunt hammer-mill edges and 2 sharp edges. Vitamix also offers a dry grains container specific for dry blending.


Think you need a separate container to grind grains? You don't, see » Dry Blending


Container volume. While both blenders' standard containers are "2 qt" the Vitamix container is UL rated to blend at a 64 oz capacity. The Blendtec jar can not operate at full capacity; Blendtec recommends filling their containers only 1/2 full to operate while Vita-Mix states you can fill them to the top.


Blendtec jar options include:Blendtec Jars

The G-Series Next Generation Vitamix comes with an improved low-profile container.
See our » Vitamix 7500 Review for more information.


Features and Ease of Use

Blendtec vs Vitamix controls - both easy to use but their controls make the difference. Operation is different depending upon which blender you choose.


Vitamix controls

Vitamix offers complete manual control over your blending pleasure with its variable speed dial vs Blendtec signature Smart-Touch Tec-nology™ allowing you to "push a button and walk away" to have it run through a hands free automatic program cycle that stops when completed (we DO NOT recommend actually walking away from the blender). Blendtec is a microprocessor controlled machine with digital display that keeps track of blending times and cycles. The display also allows for selection of which pre-programmed cycle to run and assign to your program buttons (available only with the Blendtec HP3A series).

Vitamix controls

While the Blendtec program cycles are very handy for some applications, we often times find the need to continue blending after the program completes to finish the job to our satisfaction. Blendtec does offer some manual control with its 'up', 'down' and 'pulse' buttons to cycle through its 10 speeds as needed (8 speeds with the Blendtec Designer Series).


Vitamix TamperEvery Vitamix blender comes with a tamper to assist in blending solid and whole (uncut) foods without stopping the blender. The tamper is NOT needed for most applications but is extremely helpful in making frozen entrees, nut butters and thick puddings. With the Blendtec blender, sometimes additional liquid is needed to blend completely without stoppingBlendtec Twister Jar top the blender and pushing ingredients into the blades (this need is reduced when using the larger WildSide Jar -$99).


The recent introduction of the Blendtec Twister Jar ($119) gives Blendtec owners the ability to make thick purees and dishes. With its unique "twister lid and tines", that function similar to the Vitamix tamper, food can be directed into the blades while blending.


Your Vitamix will continue to run until manually shut off or until the thermal protection kicks in to prevent overheating. Blendtec will automatically shut off after a maximum of 50 seconds of continuous blending (or when the chosen program cycle ends whichever is less).

Grinding, Dry Blending and Making Flour.

Which blender does dry blending. Do you need a Vitamix Dry Grains Container?

In our Blendtec vs Vitamix reviews and demonstrations we get a lot of questions about what the difference is in how these two blenders grind grain and make flour. We have done a lot of seed and grain grinding using all 3 containers (Blendtec, Vitamix standard "wet-blade" and Vitamix "dry-blade" container) to find how they truly compare.


Blendtec and the Vitamix Standard "wet blade" container
blend dry ingredients the same




Both blenders have no issue with grinding large amounts of seeds, such as flax or sesame, although we generally prefer our dedicated coffee grinder for those tasks.


The Blendtec jars and Vitamix standard "wet blade" containers grind wheat berries pretty much the same. The flour appears identical in texture, consistency and temperature. We do notice that it takes slightly less time to grind the berries with the Blendtec.


The Vitamix Dry Grains container does do a superior job of grinding. In a shorter amount of time the flour is noticeably finer with a more consistent texture, did not get as hot in the process and did not clump in the corners. The Vitamix dry-blade is designed to produce an "opposite vortex" which evenly pushes the flour up the sides as it grinds.


Bottom Line: it doesn't matter which blender you chose, no additional container or blade is required for either blender. If your plans include occasional grain grinding, both the Blendtec and Vitamix 5200 Standard will do an adequate job. But, if you plan on doing a significant amount of grain grinding then the Vitamix dry grains container (Vitamix Super or Vitamix Deluxe) would be a wise investment.

Or... as Blendtec recommends:
"To get a very fine grind and to keep the nutrients, always use the Kitchen Mill."

The Blendtec Kitchen Mill is designed specifically for grain processing and does a superior job compared to any blender we have experienced.


Note: over time any of these containers will become cloudy and more opaque from grain grinding. Both Blendtec and Vitamix recommend a dedicated jar just for grains for this reason, because of aesthetics.

Smoothie Making

Which blender is the best smoothie blender? Both blenders do an excellent job at turning out delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies. There is no question about that. In the Blendtec vs Vitamix debate, there is no need to be concerned whether or not either blender can perform.


We've used our Blendtec blender thousands of times (it includes a digital usage counter) and have found that the program cycles alone do not always complete the blending to our satisfaction - but fear not, as every Blendtec offers manual speed buttons for control over your blending desires. For common blends and fruit smoothies the Blendtec program cycles can be a blessing. For specialty blends and green smoothies packed with greens it is often necessary to do additional blending after running the Whole Juice cycle.

The Vitamix 5200 consistently makes creamy, super smooth green smoothies without the need of the tamper no matter how much greens we pack in the container.



Both the Blendtec and the Vitamix process food sufficiently to break down plant cell walls. This makes more nutrients available for use in your body.

Juicing with a Blendtec or Vitamix

A common question by many is "can it juice?". While both the Blendtec and Vitamix make incredible smoothies, it is important to note that they are not "juicers". What they do make is "wholefood juice". The important difference is that Juicers extract the liquid from whole foods separating out the fiber and blenders do not remove anything from the whole food so you get all the natural fiber - thus a wholefood juice.

If you really want to make juice without the fiber in your Vitamix or Blendtec, you need to take an extra step after blending. You have to strain the wholefood juice to remove the fiber and pulp. While not as effective as a juicer, you can accomplish this using cheesecloth or a nut milk bag.

If you plan on juicing a lot then you should consider a quality extract juicer - see the juicers we recommend.

Clean Up

Unlike general kitchen blenders, neither the Vitamix or Blendtec have an easy option to remove the bottom blade housing to access the jar for cleaning. But which blender is easy to clean? They both are but Blendtec is somewhat easier.


The 2 prong blade and smooth square design of the Blendtec container does result in easier access to remove and clean your blended goodness than the more narrow, 4 prong blade Vitamix design.


When it comes to cleaning, blender reviews agree, clean up is easy by putting in some hot water with soap and blending. Neither container should be put in a dishwasher. The most important factor for easy clean up is to wash your container immediately after use. Blend, wash, and done.


*Dishwasher machine use: some readers have shared that they put their containers in the dishwasher to clean. Blendtec states that it is okay to put their jar in the dishwasher while Vitamix states that you should not. We recommend that you don't put either Blendtec or Vitamix containers in the dishwasher - continual dishwasher use will compromise the seal and bearings of the blade housing over time due to extreme temperatures and detergents and if you have older containers that are not BPA-Free they will out-gas.

Comparison Chart


Vitamix 5200

  Vitamix 7500  


Dimensions   20.5" x 7.25" x 8.75"   17.5" x 7.7" x 9.4   15.5" x 7" x 8"
Under the Counter   20.5 inches high
17.25 with Compact Jar
  17.5 inches tall   15.5 inches high
Speed Controls   High/Low and Variable Speed   Variable Speed and Pulse   10 steps (plus Pulse)
RPMs   500 - 37,000 RPMs   ~500 - 37,000 RPMs   4,080 - 28,000 RPMs
Green Smoothies   Super Smooth   Super Smooth   Smooth
Power   1380 watts   1380 watts   1560 watts
Containers   UL Approved
BPA Free Copolyester
64 oz. / 48 oz / 32 oz
  UL Approved
Short 64 oz. BPA-Free
  2 qt. FourSide BPA Free
3 qt. BPA Free WildSide
Twister Jar
Dry Use
- Grains
  Yes   Yes   Yes
Blade   4 prong Stainless Steel   4 prong Stainless Steel   2 prong Stainless Steel
User Control   Switches
Variable Speed Dial
Variable Speed Dial
  One-Touch Buttons
Pre-program cycles
Warranty   7-year Full Use   7-year Full Use   7-year
Colors Available   Black, White, Red,
Brushed Stainless or Platinum
  Black, White, Red   Black, White, Red or Champagne

Best Buys for your Blendtec or Vitamix

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Bottom Line - Which blender is better:

Blendtec may serve you better if:

  • you prefer high-tech computer controlled - digital display blenders
  • you like to push a button and have your blender control your blends
  • you are space limited and you need a shorter blender
       (also see Compact Vitamix as well as Vitamix 7500 for shorter options)
  • you travel a lot with your large blender

Vitamix may serve you better if

  • you prefer total control over the speed and time of blending
  • you like a more solid, industrial feel blender
  • you prefer simple mechanical buttons and dials
  • you blend small volumes and thick purees
  • less noise is important

No matter which blender you chose to buy - you will own a quality blender!

Still unsure?

» Comment, see our » Contact us.

Something not covered in our Blendtec vs Vitamix Comparison Review?

Contact us and we will be happy to conduct a test and/or add it to the review.


Please +1, LIKE, and Share your thoughts and experience.

Which blender do you Choose? BLENDTEC or VITAMIX - Why?

Comments, Questions and Opinions:

Comment Box is loading...
Tom R said:

Thanks - One of the better, unbiased reviews I've seen.  I bought both the Vitamix and Blendtec to do my own comparison.  I'm keeping the Vitamix and sending the Blendtec back.  It blends OK, but feels less substantial than the Vitamix and actually vibrates all around the counter, especially with ice or frozen fruit.  what good are preset programs if I have to stand there and hold it in place.  The Vitamix just powers through whatever I put in it and doesn't bounce around at all.  I also agree that the Vitamix makes smoothies and green juice smoother than the Blendtec.  The Vitamix still doesn't fit under my counter (even with the shorter 64oz jar), but that's OK.  Maybe Vitamix will come out with a low profile lid.

Billie Mitchell said:

Thanks for the awesome review. I checked some other comparison sites couldn't find an answer on grain grinding. asked a question about it and they never responded. But your comparison review answered my question. Thank you so much.


Got Greens replied:

Billie, you are welcome, it is our pleasure to help. Thank you for the feedback.

Tam said:

Great review!  Are there any options for glass containers in these 2 brands of blenders?   Trying to stay away from all plastics.

Got Greens? replied:

Tam, neither Blendtec nor Vitamix offer glass blending containers. Both companies assert the reason is due to glass designs failing to meet safety and performance requirements. Supposedly, because of the speed and power generated by these blenders, glass would not be safe.


I'm happy to know that you enjoyed the review - thank you for your feedback.

Heids said:
A clear and concise review, thank you!

Question: Which series, or model, of Vitamix is best for commercial use in my busy coffee shop? It was mentioned as being excellent for home/personal blending but not otherwise.

Now, I have had much use with both the Blendtec and Vitamix; professionally the Vitamix is most consistent, not as loud, and more durable. If you ask me, those are the defining factors for any appliance. Quality has its price!

Thanks for answering my question. Heids


Got Greens replied:

Heids, thank you for your input. This comparison is specifically for Blendtec and Vitamix residential models. For commercial use, the same principles apply, the model best for you would depend upon budget and your intended use. In general, for drinks and food prep consider the Vita-Prep or XL. If your use is almost exclusively drinks then consider the Drink Machine, Quiet One or the Blending Station.


Linda Dimitroff said:

I have the Vitamix, and want to make almond milk. Is the wet blade okay to grind nuts?


Got Greens replied:

Yes, Linda, absolutely. The standard wet-blade container can grind nuts for making nut milks - that is the container we use.

TJ said:

I have owned both Blendtec and Vitamix for years. Hands down for me is the Vitamix.  I much prefer the tamper and total control over my blending. Just my opinion.......

Maggie Glodowski said:

the first thing I would make in my blender would be a great smoothie.

Dawn said:

I often do small amounts of nuts and water to make sauces. I suspect that I would have to do larger quantities in the Blendtec because of the larger base, is this accurate?


Got Greens replied:

In general, you can efficiently process smaller amounts (less than 2 cups) in the Vitamix standard containers. The Blendtec Twister jar works great for small amounts and the FourSide jar works well for blending 2 cups or more.

Larry and Brenda Alexander said:

On August 23, 2013 we saw a demonstration of Vitamix at Costco. We were very impressed and bought it. Our only regret was that a smaller container was an additional $100 on top of the base price being more than we wanted to spend. We used it every day for a week. On September 8, 2013 we saw a demonstration of a Blendtec at a home show. It seemed to at least equal the Vitamix and included a smaller container in addition to the large container - for a lower price. Using it for a few days revealed that while it is an excellent unit, it is not equal to the Vitamix. The Vitamix is heavier and quieter. Neither would be a deal breaker. We have, however, decided to keep the Vitamix and return the Blendtec. Deciding factor - the Vitamix made smoother smoothies. The Blendtec left small pieces unprocessed. Tomorrow it will be returned. Next month we may order a small container. Suggestion, buy both and keep the best performer.

Paul Johnson said:

Nice review and I was fortunate to have had both products and for me I kept the Vitamix due to noise levels. Both did what they say they can do, but the Blendtec was very loud to be smaller in size and that didn't sit well with my wife.

David said:

I was told that the Blendtec blades were better because they were blunt, not sharp or razor like... and therefore smashed apart the food instead of cutting the food and in doing so, making the food more bio-available to the body for absorption. Is there any truth to that?
Thank you,

Big Jim replied:

That's got to be the most ridculous thing I've ever heard. Who told you that?

Got Greens? replied:

While it is true that Blendtec blades are blunt, Vitamix blades have a combination of blunt and semi-sharp edges. I am not aware of any evidence suggesting that blunt blades result in more bio-availability.


Logic would lead one to believe that a sharper blade would lend to more bio-availability, although I believe in the case of Blendtec and Vitamix, the power and speed of these blenders would make any difference, if any, undetectable.

Linda said:

I want to make my own nut flour and nut butters. Which one will be the most fine/smooth? Need no pieces or chunks of nuts. Also, does the smoothness depend on the type of nut? (peanut, almond, cashew)

BP said:


DL said:

This is a great review and comparison of the 2 blenders.
Would be also possible to let consumers know where Blendtec is manufactured? Desinged and assembled in US what about the place is manufactured.........
thank you

Got Greens replied:

Thanks DL! - I am happy to know that you have found our Blendtec vs Vitamix comparison helpful.


About a year ago Blendtec changed their labeling from "Made in USA" to "Designed and Assembled in the USA". They did so because California law prohibits companies from labeling Made in USA if parts of a product are manufatured in any foreign country. While Blendtec blenders continue to be built in Utah with 80% Domestic Content, they do contain parts made from outside of the US. Blendtec has not disclosed from where or which parts of their blenders are foreign manufactured.

Jake said:

Good review. Seems inline with what others say. I would add that the Blendtec is generally cheaper.

I also note that you wrote "super smooth" under the Vitamix and only "smooth" under the Blendtec, but then don't really elaborate much on it later. I'm confused by the "smoothness" because some places say that the Blendtec makes smoothies faster but other places disagree. It seems there is a little skill in packing the Blendtec to make sure it pulls everything down, but that once you have it figured out not needing the tamper is helpful. (though I don't see why the Blendtec doesn't still include one anyways)

Both of the blenders are reviewed highly just about everywhere. For me I wanted the Blendtec because it can sit on my counter under the cabinets with pitcher on. Seems like a minor issue but that was the only "tiebreaker" I could come up with.

Vitamix base is built more sturdy obviously becasue it is heavier despite using a lower wattage/HP motor. However, the Blendtec has a lifetime warranty on the blades while the Vitamix requires new blades when the old ones get dull (apparently it takes a long time to dull the blades, but they will go dull before the base motor gives out).

Got Greens replied:

Thank you for the feedback Jake. Of the, literally, thousands of green smoothies we've made in both the Blendtec and Vitamix, it is our experience that those made in the Vitamix are smoother. Can't say exactly why but my guess is the container and blade design.


The tamper is almost never used for the Vitamix, but for those few exceptions like making frozen sorbet without adding any liquid it is a life-saver. I imagine Blendtec doesn't include a tamper due to patent protection and because their big marketing slogan is "we don't need a tamper".


As for the Blendtec "lifetime blade warranty", I have not seen that claim from Blendtec for many years. In fact, the blade assembly is not separated from the jar which is explicitly warrantied for 7 years (3 if purchased separate). Nowhere in the current Blendtec warranty documentation will you find "lifetime". I don't believe it matters for blender comparison anyway since I've never heard of any cause for replacement of either blade because of "dullness".

Bob said:

All other things being equal, I choose Vitamix over Blendtec just because I like the heavier commercial look and feel of the Vitamix.

Lydia Munoz-Clark said:

I purchased the blend tec after a demo at a local Costco store. I am VERY UNSATISFIED. During the demo, they made juices, smoothies etc without having to put the lid on. NOT the case in reality!! We not only have to put the lid on because contents come up to the very top, but we have to hold it because it Shakes badly!!  Almost to the point where it's about to fall over.  I got a replacement from the company but it isn't any better. This is the last time I trust demos!!!  I'll be my own judge in the future. Working on getting a refund but that may be easier said than done.

Brenda finch said:

Why would I choose do whole juicing over just juicing? I understand that juicing extracts pulp, but why would one want to do that when there are so many nutrients removed?

Got Greens replied:

Brenda, extraction juicing does remove the fiber (pulp). Having your juice without the fiber allows for quicker absorption of the nutrients and sugars that it contains.

Doug Friedl said:

Great review, I own both the Vitamix and the Blendtec.  I end up using the Blendtec more for smoothies and the Vitamix for soups and chopping up stuff. The Blendtec is also easier to clean.

Lin said:

I have both and hands down, we are using our Vitamix daily.  It is much better appliance and helps us maintain a very healthy diet.  One problem is that my husband put Vitamix container in sink and now there is some water in bottom area.  Kind of frustrating to fix.

esso said:

Great review, Thanks alot now am more confuse of which blender to buy.. I will have to do coin toss.

Mary said:

I liked learning that vitamix was made in the usa ( for the last 70 years) .

JeannieC said:

Truly the best blendtec vs vitamix comparision on the internet. Thank you for the help and details. I am now awiting for the delivery of my vitamix 7500!

Irene said:

Can you compare the length of time the blade assembly lasts on each? I have used the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I find your review very accurate. Thanks so much! If I were buying one product again I would also look at the L'Equip RPM blender which is in the same league.

Bob S said:

reviews or not, the consumer is the best tester because we are using something seen demonstarted on live TV yet i've see vitamix always demoed...but it makes much noise and sometimes they use protective noise makers when i see it demoed on QVC by Jan who makes everything from his head ..i have not seen Blendtec on QVC maybe more then twice and not more then once in 2012 so QVC is telling you something when Vitamix is being sold no matter what size, style and colors... i like price but i also think performance is the best policy...

C.K. said:

WOW!  What a thoughtful, unbiased, specifically and narrowly detailed - while undeniably broad and comprehensive, review.  A tremendous quantity of high quality information and insights to allow each reader to reach his or her best decision based on needs, circumstances, and preferences.  I am leaning slightly, but now I have decide.  The VitaMixer that my grandparents had for the rest of their lives - which lasted them decades - purchased over 50 years ago, was probably discarded - still working, along with their bottom drawer Fridgedaire due to being "ARCHAIC" - was probably replaced by a more modern concept lasting a year or two.  I wish I had it, today.  Those home-made soups and ice cream were great!  Thank you!  It is a wonderful review and walk down memory lane right back to the future!

Debbie Chapin said:

Thank you for reviewing these in an unbiased forum. I was wondering which one I should buy and I am going with the Vitamix.

miss nina said:

FINALLY an UNBIASED REVIEW of Blendtec vs Vitamix!! I own a Blendtec and it is still running but I think when it poops out I will get a Vitamix and see what the difference is myself. It is true that you need to run the smoothie twice for a real nice silky consistency in the regular jar but not the 5-sided jar with the 4" blade. That jar pulverizes ANYTHING, so I think the consistency is directly related to the size of the blade.

Maybe do a test with the Blendtec 4" blade 5-sided jar against the VitaMix

Serena said:

This is the most comprehensive Blendtec vs Vitamix review I have seen. Thank you so much for the detail. I am leaning a bit towards the Vitamix but am also looking at the Blendtec Designer Series.

Got Greens replied:

Thank you for the feedback. You might want to see our new Blendtec Designer Series vs Vitamix 7500 review too.

MJ Shears said:

DH purchased the Desugner series Wildside combo by BlendTec - like many men, after he shopped & studied & researched, sending it back would hurt his feelings, but, know this: when they say only fill the jar half full, they mean it. It might as well be a smaller jar, forcing me to blend my green smoothie in several batches. Additionally, you can't just hit a button & walk away. The cover design is flimsy and doesn't snap or screw down; on 3 occasions the cover has blown off during use sending the contents splattering everywhere within a several foot radius. I have learned to under fill the jar, chop all Ingredients prior to adding them, and hold the lid in place during operation, so the "hit the button & do something else" feature is inaccurate. The mess is unimaginable and. I would strongly suggest BlendTec reengineer the cover. My Kitchenaide screws in place, my Cuisinart cover fits deeply and snugly into the jar- never an issue, and I expect more from a $500 blender. Additionally, the Blendtec blender dances about, vibrating crazily on the countertop , an issue Cuisinart does not have due to solid large rectangular rubber feet hidden beneath the base. Smoothies are smooth, clean up is easy, but the small usable capacity of the jar, the failure of the cover to stay in place, and the vibrations during use make this a very disappointing machine.

Stacy replied:

MJ Shears needs more help than a blender can reasonably provide.

This review, although biased towards Vitamix, was very helpful. I bought the Blendtec Pro at Costco for $299 and got an 8 year warranty and extra jar. It works beautifully and I can keep it on my counter or mount it into it!

Shauna Jensen said:

I'm really torn between the new Blendtec Designer Series and a Vitamix but your review is so thorough I'm  confident the Vitamix is the best choice for me. I can't buy the Designer Series in Canada yet anyway and I'm tired of chunkie smoothies!

Jes Parker said:

I was going to buy a Ninja but now I have to decide between the Blendtec vs Vitamix. Thank you so much for the detailed information.

Barbara said:

Better than Consumer Reports. There is no better Blendtec vs Vitamix report out there! No matter which blender you like. They didn't have the Vitamix 5200c at Costco so I ordered it online direct from Vitamix.



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