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Basic green smoothie - where to start

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I've gotten some feedback on this recipe from those that are new to green smoothies that it's a bit thick for them.

Feel free to add more water, while it tends to reduce the sweetness of the smoothie it does make it smoooother and more like juice than a meal.

What could I use in place of bananas in smoothies.  My baby is allergic to them and I am nursing so I try to avoid them at all costs.  Thanks!

Bananas are by no means a necessary ingredient.

Just use more fruit in lieu of bananas. Some good choices in addition to what is included in this recipe:

- pear
- grapes
- papaya
- cantaloupe

Other additions can include:
- fresh young Thai coconut (water and meat) yum
- avocado
- raw almond butter (or almonds)

Thanks so much for this recipe. This is my second day drinking my green smoothie and I love it. I've even gotten my husband drinking them.

green smoothie junkie:
Whooooo- hoooo!

Good for you rappody! Keep on lovin' the green smoothies as they are guaranteed to love you back :)


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