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Breakfast Green Smoothie

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Our favorite breakfast green smoothie consists of
1/2 cup frozen blueberries (we alternate frozen peaches and raspberries)
1 cup fresh pineapple
2 cups 100% cranberry/raspberry juice, no sugar or anything added (Oceanspray)
1/2 silken tofu
Handful of baby spinach
1/2 head of hearts of romaine
2 kale leaves

Put all ingredients in and mix on high for one minute.

That sounds yummy! I see you've discovered how good romaine is in smoothies.

I've not tried tofu in a smoothie but I guess the juice sweetness balances the tofu. I'll have to try that.

Thanks! :)

Sounds good! If you're interested, try googling soy to learn more about the biochemical effects of soy in the human body. Not preaching, just offering information.

Are you using tofu because you are seeking more protein?

green smoothie junkie:
Yum yum!

Yeah, I'd try it without the tofu as well, and consider using fresh cranberries instead of juice... ooooo how good!

Thanks for sharing

You are so right Shawna, stopped using tofu almost immediately after reading The Raw Food Detox Diet more deeply. I had previously read that tofu and fermented soy were exceptions to the whole soy hoax, but have changed my mind completely after more research.


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