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Dandelion Liver Cleanse


green smoothie junkie:
This a green smoothie liver cleanse that was passed on to me by a friend. It is quite delicious. If you can't get dandelion or just can't tolerate their flavor, don't let that stop you from enjoying this smoothie - just substitute any other green.

1 bunch (~4 cups) fresh dandelion greens
2 cups fresh cilantro
1 banana
2 apples pealed and cored
2 pears pealed and cored
1 cup cranberries
~1 inch piece of fresh ginger pealed
~2 cups water

Put it all in your Vita-Mix and blend until smooth.

That sounds amazing?
Why would you peel the apples and pears?

green smoothie junkie:
It really is amazing.

Actually, I know of no reason to peal the fruit except that my friend whom passed this on has a personal aversion to it. It is perfectly fine to keep the peel on.

It's also okay to use the entire fruit, core and all, although some seeds, like apple, do have trace amounts of toxins such as cyanide.

So... if you like the skins - eat 'em.
      if you don't mind the seeds - eat 'em.

Whatever you do, have a green smoothie :)

Peel if fruits or veggies are not organic.


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