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Green Apple sweetness


If you like your green smoothies sweet apples are a great fruit to use. This is a sweet creamy favorite sure to please:

1        ripe banana
1        large apple cored and peeled
1/2     medium ripe avocado
1 cup  packed spinach
1 cup  packed romaine (about 3 large leaves)
~ 1 pint of water

Blend and enjoy!

let us know what you think.

Wow! I tried this and it was super creamy.

Surprisingly I like the avocado in it, I think I'll try even more next time.

oh YUM!!!  we're out of romaine, but there is some brave borage in my garden, so substituted that, and used 2 small, really old honeycrisps that nobody has eaten. 

i started making smoothies to "somewhat" mask the taste of this cleanse i'm doing.  WOW!!!  There isn't even an aftertaste!!  Just tastes like green apples!  :D

Absolutely delicious! One of the best recipes I've tried. Thank you!  :-*

I agree. This is one of my favorites as well!


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