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Green Smoothie WITHOUT bananas?

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I am new to green smoothies. They dont taste to bad [spinach plus apples]it comes out a little watery and pulpy...and I end up throwing it away. I have since learned that bananas can make the smoothie creamier which is exactly what i was looking for. However I am allergic to bananas  :'( . Is their anything I can add or is there any tricks/tips I can use to finally get a SMOOTH smoothie.  ??? I have tried putting the greens and water in the [cheap]blender and mixing that first....helps a little but not much. Thanks guys!!!!! ;D

Hello rawkin,

A watery and pulpy smoothie is typically a results of not blending long enough. If that's not the case than perhaps your "watery and pulpy" is the best your blender can do.

One thing to try is to add just enough water to make the blender create the vortex to blend. Once things are smooth you can add more water if you prefer to have a thinner smoothie experience.

green smoothie junkie:
Bananas are great for balancing the strong flavor of some greens and does create a creaminess but it won't make your pulpy smoothie smoother.

I have read that bananas are the Hummers of the fruit and veggie world when it comes to carbon footprint.  Therefore, we have reduced and almost eliminated imported bananas.  It hurts to be conscious of this stuff!!

I love bananas and since I've been doing green smoothies for a while I've found that I use less of them as I find recipes that I like.


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