Author Topic: Mustard Greens Smoothie Recipe - by request  (Read 65570 times)

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Mustard Greens Smoothie Recipe - by request
« on: February 02, 2011, 03:39:05 PM »
We've had a request for a recipe with mustard greens. Mustard Greens are one of my favorites because I love the spicy bite that they have. Keep in mind that different mustard greens can have very different amount of "bite" - taste the green before you use is it.

2   cups mustard greens
1   cups fresh spinach
1   banana
2   peaches

~ 2 Cups water
(or to desired consistency)

Blend that smoothie in your Vitamix until silky smooth and delicious! Makes about 2 ~16oz servings. ENJOY!

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