Author Topic: Questions about stomach issues  (Read 13007 times)

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Questions about stomach issues
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:41:48 PM »
First, I will let you know that I have a sensitive stomach and have been on a journey of healing my GI track for awhile now. I seem to have weaknesses in my stomach and Liver/Gallbladder, specifically. I have a really simplistic diet already and am very aware when something causes a reaction in me. I started GS a couple weeks ago and immediately started having stomach upset, meaning stomach pain and maybe gas pains. :-[  I finally had to stop with the GS and my stomach seems less reactive.

So, my questions are, (1) When already sensitive or having issues, does one need to be careful about how they start to incorporate GS into their diet? (2) Are GS not for everybody? (3) Do you have any suggestions for me to make this easier on my system or can you tell me why I am having this type of response and how I can change it?

I am about to start a cleanse and really wanted to incorporate GS into it, so whatever you can trow my way will be much appreciated!


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