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Watermelon Candy
« on: July 03, 2009, 09:29:56 AM »
Almost too good to be true.

1 medium watermelon
1 whole pineapple

Peel both and blend them in your vitamix.

Pour into a bowl and add 1 heaping tablespoon of chia seeds to 1 cup of liquid. Let sit until it thickens.

Pour onto Teflex sheets of your dehydrator trays. Dehydrate at 115 degrees until no longer wet.

I peeled this into three big strips and rolled up in saran wrap.

You do NOT have to do an entire watermelon and pineapple. Do the amount that makes sense for you. The chia ratio can even be changed. The first batch I did, I used 3 tablespoons of chia to 1 cup of liquid. These came out like crunchy crackers. Absolutely delicious, but not fruit leather.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think after you try it.