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Oat meal, fruit delight


My kid has been eating this most every morning for a while now. It's a very simple and yummy way to start the day.

1            ripe banana
1/2         pear
1/2 cup   strawberries
1/2         avocado
1/4 cup   soaked chia seed
1/3 cup   oats

desired milk to taste (almond, rice, hemp etc... or as an added bonus use fresh coconut water)

Cube all the fruit and put in a bowl. Add chia and oats and pour desired milk over top and mix.

I've changed up the fruit with what ever is fresh and available like mango, kiwi or apple. I also someimes put chopped nuts in there and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)

The greatest thing is that now my boy tells me what fruits he wants in there eat day :)


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