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Totally Turmeric Green Smoothie

Take in the amazing benefits of Turmeric with this deliciously satisfying green smoothie. This recipe falls into our dessert tonic category. So creamy sweet with amazing health benefits.

Vitamix Buyers Guide

Our comprehensive shopping guide of all current Vitamix models to help you decide which Vitamix to buy.

Blendtec Review – Designer & Classic Blenders

Blendtec releases their new blender models. Now there is more choice than ever with 6 different models, 18 new colors, and 5 blending jar packages to choose from to please everyone's desire - as long as you

Vitamix vs Blendtec

In our ORIGINAL Blendtec vs Vitamix comparison review, copied by many, we reveal the similarities and differences between these two excellent high-speed performance blenders. Our complete, unbiased comparison is based on over 9 years of blending experience.

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender Review

KitchenAid steps it up with the release of the Pro Line Series blenders, which they claim to be the most powerful blender you can buy for your home. See how it stacks up with the competition.

How long can a Green Smoothie last?

It is ideal to drink your green smoothie upon having the blades of your blender stop. But as we are all aware, we can't always take advantage of what's ideal.

Vitamix Foam & Froth

Why are my green smoothies foamy? I’ve had my Vita Mix for 12 years. I have replaced the wet blender just once, last year. I love this machine. I use it every day. I do have a

Red Raspberry seeds…

Will the Vitamix or Blendtec blend Raspberry seeds where I can not tell they are in there? With all the blenders I have owned, I always have the seeds remain in my smoothies. Actually, they do not

Blendtec vs Ninja

We put the Blendtec and Ninja head to head to see how they really compare. Learn the details of how these popular blenders compare from professionals who use them.

Blendtec Promo Code

There are no valid Blendtec coupons but we are proud to offer our community and readers the best price and free shipping direct from Blendtec