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Save up to $300 plus get FREE Shipping

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Certified VitamixFull Warranty

5-year warranty and a lower price

(8-year warranty available)

Get the best price on a Certified Reconditioned Vitamix. These are new model blenders that may had been a returned gift or gently used as a display or demo. Available ONLY direct from Vitamix. Units are hand picked and individually go through a 17-point inspection at the Vita-Mix factory to ensure they work like new. All Reconditioned Vitamix reviews are positive and Vita-mix guarantees the quality and durability of each blender.


Vitamix Sale

$90-$300 off PLUS Free Shipping ($25 value) with promotion code 06-005220
That’s a total of up to $325 in savings!

You will not find a better deal on a Vitamix used or new.

» Payment Plan is available for your Vitamix purchase.
» Trade In your old Vitamix model for an additional $100 refund.

Why buy Reconditioned?

Obviously you save money – you get an incredible blender at a reduced price. But at what cost? Essentially, for the added savings you give up 2 years of warranty compared to a new purchase. What are you really giving up? Consider that Vitamix blenders are built to last. it is NOT uncommon for a Vitamix to last 20+ years even with continual use. The fact is, most issues will present themselves within the first 1 to 2 years. Therefore, the 2-year difference in warranty coverage is negligible at best.

Even though the base is “reconditioned”, brand NEW, never before used, container shell, lid, cookbook, and tamper comes with every blender purchase. Any other part or component that does not pass the rigorous inspection is replaced with a brand new part. Use our Vitamix promotion code when ordering your choice of a Standard, Standard Programs, Next Generation, or Next Generation Programmed.

Vitamix Upgrade Items

NOW $150 Off – Standard Vitamix includes*

Vita-Mix 5200

  • NEW 64oz Container
  • Getting Started Guide
  • NEW Recipe cookbook
  • NEW tamper
  • Same 30-day No Risk Trial as new Vitamix blenders!
  • Free Shipping

  * with Vitamix Promotion Code 06-005220

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Average: 5.0 (13,126 user ratings)

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