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VitaMix Promo Code: Vitamix 5200 Super
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Vitamix Super 5200

Healthy Lifestyle - FREE Shipping
Save $25 ($35CN)

with Vita-mix promotion code 06-005220


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The Vitamix 5200 Super - Healthy Lifestyle Package comes with both wet and dry grains containers to make all your favorite dishes and grind grains. Save $25 ($35CN) with Free Standard Shipping using our Vitamix promo code.


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Full 7 year warranty

Vitamix No Risk

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Vita-Mix Super 5200The Vitamix 5200 Super
- Healthy Lifestyle package includes*:

  • Vitamix 64 oz container
  • Vitamix 32 oz dry grains container
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Whole Food Recipe cookbook
  • Whole Grains cookbook
  • Cooking Class DVD
  • 7-Year full use Warranty
  • FREE Shipping (save $25)

* with Vitamix Promotion Code 06-005220


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This Vitamix 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle offer includes two new BPA Free containers, (64 oz. wet blade and 32 oz. dry blade Eastman Tritan copolyester containers). The dry grains container and blade are specifically designed for efficient dry blending of grains. It is also super at kneading dough. If you plan on grinding your own grain and/or making bread then the Vitamix Super Package is a must have.


The dry-grains container included with the Vitamix Super package is also great for chopping tasks. The blade design in combination with the variable speed pulse ability makes this the best blender for making salsa and other food processing tasks.


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ALL Vitamix Super sales made via our links are through the secure store. You receive Free Shipping, a risk-free trail, 7-year warranty and all the super bonuses. Sales are directly from Vita-Mix corporation. The Vitamix Promotion code replaces all Vitamix coupon offers.