Vitamix Creations Review – “No Thanks”

Is the best deal on a Vitamix from QVC?

Vitamix Creations vs Vitamix 5200

Vitamix Creations vs 5200» Vitamix Creations GC » Vitamix 5200 from Vitamix

Today's Special ValueVitamix Creations GC Galaxy Class (K36187), Vitamix Creations Turbo (K40173), and Creations II (K38242) Vitamix 12-in-1 are creating quite a stir. We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of questions about the QVC Vitamix blenders.

This review will quickly help answer what the difference is between Vitamix Creations and 5200 Series. Learn why the 5200 may be the better blender for you.

Everyone loves to save money and many shoppers trust QVC as they have been on TV for quite some time. When on special, Vitamix Creations blenders can sell at a lower price than a new Vitamix 5200 direct from Vitamix. Many people like that QVC offers a payment plan but don’t realize that Vitamix also offers a payment plan. Some folks like the QVC return policy but don’t know that Vitamix offers a 30-Day Risk Free trial. A return to Vitamix is 100% free while a return to QVC costs are NOT.

Blenders sold direct from include a Vitamix 30-Day risk free trial with FREE return.

See our COMPLETE » Vitamix Model Comparison

Let’s review why many people think these are the same blender.

The first thing to understand is that the “Vitamix Creations Series” was created exclusively for QVC (and Vitamix is contractually obligated to advertise them on their site for a higher price). They are in fact based on the 5200 series blender. Both the Vitamix Creations and the Vitamix 5200 Series have the same base and motor. There is NO difference in power or controls, the difference between models is only in package accessories and warranty.

How do the models differ?

  • » Warranty: Creation Series has a shorter warranty period (5 years versus 7 years)
  • » Recipe Book: QVC blenders come with their unique recipe book, called “Creations”
  • » Payment Plan: When offered, QVC offers 5 payments while Viamix’s plan is 3 payments
  • » Returns: Direct Vitamix returns during the trial period are 100% covered by Vitamix (no fee and no shipping) – QVC returns are not free (cost varies depending upon the offer)
  • » Colors: QVC is known for offering a wider range of colors (If you are looking for a certain color be sure to check out Vitamix Reconditioned models as they often include the QVC colors)

Vitamix Reconditioned Sale

Comparision of Vitamix Creations GC Galaxy Class:

Vitamix Creations GC

  • limited time Free Shipping
  • Only 1 Container offered
  • 5 year Warranty
  • 30 day return with FEE
    (returns subject to return Fee)
Vitamix 5200 Direct

  • Free Shipping always
  • Choice of 64 oz or 48 oz
  • 7 year Warranty
  • 30-day return NO FEE
    (Returns are 100% Free)

A note about power difference. There is a lot of rumors and confusion as to why the GC is “more powerful” than the 5200. When it was first released, the Creations GC was advertized as “the most powerful Vitamix made” because it draws 1 amp more power. After long discussions with Vitamix it was determined that this “extra power” of the motor was a result of the GC being the only home Vitamix at the time that had the cooling fan run constantly, no matter the speed, which therefore needed to draw more power.

Update: Get a Reconditioned Vitamix for $299 – limited time offer.
If you really want to get the most for every dollar then you MUST consider a Factory Reconditioned Vitamix direct from Vitamix and save at least $90. That’s $50+ LESS than QVC with the same warranty!

Vitamix Creations II Review Summary:

QVC Vitamix Creations II

  • $15.72 Shipping
    (occasional free shipping)
  • 5 year Warranty
  • 48oz Container
Vitamix 5200 Compact

  • Free Shipping always
  • 7 year Warranty
  • 48oz Container

For ~ $9 more you get a NEW Vitamix 5200 direct with a 7 year warranty.
SAVE ~ $50 MORE on a Reconditioned Vitamix direct with the same warranty.

QVC Vitamix Creations

  • $15.22 Shipping
    (occasional free shipping)
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Basic Container
  • Smoothie Cup
Vitamix 5200 direct

  • Always Free Shipping
  • 7 year Warranty
  • Soft-Grip Container
  • Your Choice:
    – Cooking class
    – Nutmilk Bag
    – more…

Pay even LESS for a » Reconditioned Vitamix

Seriously, when you are investing this kind of money you owe it to yourself to consider paying a little more (or less for Reconditioned) to:

  • get a slightly better container
  • choose the bonus gift you want (when available)
  • get it direct from the manufacturer
  • get a true cost-free trail for 30 days
  • get the superior 7 year warranty
    (FYI a 3 yr extended warranty costs $120).

Ultimately, if you have decided to invest in a Vitamix there is no wrong choice as every model available is an excellent blender built to perform and backed by amazing customer service and warranty.

Ready to order your Vitamix?

– Choose a Vitamix your way and with free shipping and 100% risk free » HERE
– make your choice from the QVC selection at the BEST price » HERE

What do you like most about the Vitamix you chose?
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