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Vitamix Model Comparison
With so many models it can be challenging to understand the real differences between them. In our comprehensive guide we present all current models, including info you don’t get from sellers, to help you decide which Vitamix is best for YOU.

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Where to Start

In your journey to choose the right Vitamix you will come across a wide selection of models. They are available online direct, from Amazon, retailers, resellers, and some big box stores.

The 4 main decisions:

  • Full size or Personal size?
  • Ascent, Classic or Next Gen?
  • With or Without Pre-programs?
  • New or Reconditioned?

Getting clear on these four questions gets you very close to finding the Vitamix best for you. It is our hope by the end of this exhaustive model comparison review, questions will be answered, confusion cleared up, and you will be able to make an informed, confident choice. If have a question not covered please ask below or contact us directly – we are at your service.

Now organized into 3 different series

As of 2017 all current Vitamix models have been re-organized into one of three series. The series to which a model belongs is no longer determined by motor and base design. Now you will find the Ascent Series, Legacy Series, and Personal Series.

The Personal Series is the one that remains the same – it includes all the S-Series, smaller personal-sized blenders. The Legacy Series now lumps all the remaining models including the C-Series, G-Series and hybrids. We continue to break down the Legacy series into C and G as we feel it greatly helps to understand the differences between them which can be considerable. Jump to our Comparison Chart.



Personal Series (aka S-Series)

Vitamix S-Series
The Personal, S-Series, of the Vitamix family includes the S30, S50, and S55. This introduced a new product line developed more for small batch, personal blending.

If you are wanting the power, durability, and reliability of a Vitamix but are space limited and/or use your blender mostly for making single servings, or a couple for yourself and one other person, then these smaller, more compact models are an excellent consideration. Blending volume is the limitation of this group – if you intend to be mixing up blends larger than 40oz at a time then you will want to consider the full size blenders found in the other two series. Available colors include Black, Red, and Brushed Stainless.

S30 vs S50 vs S55

S-Series Blade BaseThe S-Series blenders are nearly the same. They have the same motor, base, containers, and uses. They are also the first Vitamix to be officially Dishwasher Safe. They come with variable speed control and pulse. With their 7 amp/790 watts motor these models are among the most powerful personal blending machines available. In addition to their single serve, 20 oz travel blending container, they also include a traditional 40 oz blending container with lid and tamper.

S-Series Blade Base
A unique design of this series is in the blade base which allows for interchanging the portable container and traditional container before placing on the base. Other Vitamix do not have a separate blade base from the containers.

There are only a few differences between Vitamix S30, S50, and S55, color and pre-programs. The S30 comes in Black and Red without pre-programs while the Vitamix S50 comes in the same colors with 2 program cycles: Smoothie & Power Blend. The Vitamix S55 comes in brushed stainless and includes 4 pre-program settings: Smoothies, Power Blends, Dips & Spreads, and Frozen Desserts. The extra cost for the upgrade to the S50 is an added $20 and the S55 is $50.

S-Series Controls
S-Series S30 / S50 / S55
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Vitamix C-Series
The majority of current models belong to the best selling C-Series, also referred to as Classic. These are based on the Vitamix 5200 which took high-perfomance blending to a new level when it was introduced. In this group shoppers will find the most variants, package differentiation, and re-branded options.

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 baseFor many years the flagship blender for Vita-mix has been the 5200 and nearly all models in this series have essentially the same motor and functionality as the original. Nearly all have the Variable Speed Dial allowing careful control over blending speeds with dynamic response. In addition to the variable speed, you will find a hi/lo switch that that kicks the blender into maximum power when on ‘hi’, as well as a on/off switch. As with most every Vitamix, a tamper, recipe book, DVD, and getting started book are included.

  In Canada the C-Series model equivalent to the 5200 is the Total Nutrition Center

The standard blending container included with most models in this category is the classic 64-ounce container. URL rated to blend at the full 64-oz capacity, this is the tall, 13.4 inch BPA-Free jar that is amazingly efficient at blending but that some users find “too tall” to fit under their cabinets when leaving it on top of the blender on their kitchen counter.

5200 Packages

You find several different packages containing unique combinations of containers as well as some additional accessories with the 5200 including are the Standard – Getting Started, Super – Healthy Lifestyle, and Deluxe – Complete Kitchen. There are also compact container packages that include the 48oz containers instead of the 64oz.

Professional 500 / 6300 – Standard Programs

Vitamix Professional 500 baseVitamix introduced their first household brushed stainless blender with pre-programs, the Professional 500, around 2010. This model added the pulse switch and 3 blending programs for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Hot Soups. Later re-branded as the 6300 (TNC3 for Canada) this model became popular quickly as it successfully bridged the gap between Vitamix and Blendtec features. Blender aficionados were finally able to have their cake and eat it too – a Vitamix with precision variable speed control AND program cycles in one blender. Although, if pre-program blend cycles are an important feature, we highly recommend Blendtec, the original pre-program blenders.

Creations Collection

The Vitamix Creations series was created exclusively for QVC. It is not a true “series”. All Creations models, except the Elite, are C-Series Vitamix blenders based on the 5200 including the Creations II and Creations CG. These models are best purchased new from QVC as they provide the better price (sometimes they are available as Reconditioned Standard machines).

  In Canada the Creations equivalent is the Aspire made for the Shopping Channel

This group of machines continue to create a fair amount of confusion among shoppers. For the most part you can think of them as 5200 classic models with unique accessory packages that come with a reduced warranty of 5-years, in comparison to the standard 7-year warranty. The Creations models have a 5200 motor base and are differentiated by the size container, and extras that come in the box. The biggest benefit this series brought to Vitamix was the vast increase in colors available.

Professional Collection

Quite likely the most confusing naming convention done was to call some models “Professional Series”. This includes a group of re-branded C-Series blenders with the word professional added to their name. These include the CIA Professional Series and Professional 200 both identical to the 5200. The Professional 500 is the name given to the classic series with added pre-programs. Some of the G-Series models also include the word “Professional” (300 & 750).

While the name infers that these blenders are something “special” or “better” than those without the “professional” name, the blenders in this group are no different than other classic models, which they are based upon. They have the same motor, containers, and warranty.

When Vita-mix blenders entered the resale market, the 5200 was re-branded to include the word “Professional” in an attempt to differentiate them from what Vitamix sold direct. These include the CIA Professional Series, the 200 and later the Vitamix 300. The first household model offering pre-programmed blend cycles was the C-Series Professional 500, later re-branded as the Vitamix 6300 for Costco.

One-Off Models – what are they?

While nearly all models are clearly a classic C-Series or upgraded G-Series, there are a few hybrids and unique configuration models that don’t sell very well but can fill a unique need.


First there is the 2-Speed TurboBlend (previously known as the 4500), re-branded as Creations TurboBlend and CIA Creations.
Vitamix 2-Speed The simplest Vitamix made. Two switches – one to power on/off and the second for the High/Low 2 speed control. It’s the same blender as the 5200 but without the Variable Speed control. This model is great for those who have repeated simple blending uses.


A short time ago Vitamix released a very unique model without any speed control, the Vitamix 6000.
Vitamix 6000A classic series blender, the 6000 was the only home use model released containing only a pulse and set timing controls. No hi/lo and no variable speed. It simply has a pulse switch and 6 timed blending settings for 20, 30, and 60 seconds, and 1.5, 4.5, and 6.5 minutes. The 6000 has recently been discontinued.


Vitamix 5300The most “different” release to date is the Vitamix 5300 made exclusively for Costco and found on Amazon. It is a classic C-Series blender yet it comes with the G-Series low-profile 64oz container. The reason this seemed so odd is that when the low-profile container was release with the 7500, it was clearly stated that it could only be used exclusively with G-Series blenders because it required the new motor and new base design. While a great blender, it is much louder than a Next Generation – see our » review.


Vitamix 6500The Vitamix 6500 also made exclusively for Costco and found on Amazon is the same situation as the 5300 and includes program cycles. This model essentially is the 6300 with the newer container.

Legacy C-Series 5200 / 500 – Best Price & Free Shipping
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Vitamix G-Series
When it came time to better the 5200 Vitamix took the feedback and listened. They wanted to address the 2 most common comments… it’s too tall to store on my kitchen counter and it’s too loud. The Next Generation G-Series solved both those issues and more.


Vitamix 7500 baseIntroduction of the Vitamix 7500 brought some very welcomed advancements. The G-Series comes with the low-profile 64oz blending container – same volume as before but nearly 3 1/2 inches shorter and with a wider, more efficient blade. The newly designed base is successful at reducing noise level when blending by 40% – it’s a lot quieter! Additionally, improvements include a re-engineered, stronger, more efficient motor with even more precision control with the variable speed dial.

The Creations Elite was the first Next Generation model, originally released for QVC. While it is a bonafide G-Series, it comes standard with the compact 48oz container, not the low-profile 64-oz container.


Vitamix Professional 750 baseThe Professional 750 (as with other models, the “professional series” part of the name does not refer to a series and has no particular meaning) takes the next generation to an even higher level by adding 5 pre-programmed blending cycles, illuminated controls, its unique recipe book, and a brushed stainless finish (in addition to black & red). The five program settings provide easy and consistent results for smoothies, frozen desserts, purées, soup, and cleaning. If pre-program blend cycles are what you want, you should consider a Blendtec, the original performance blenders with programs.


Vitamix 780 baseFor about $100 more you can have the latest model, the Vitamix 780 – the newest offering in the G-Series. It essentially has all the power and features of the 750 but now with a flat, glass responsive touchscreen control panel (much like what you find on all Blendtec blenders). It has the same 5 blending programs and the pulse function and a 10-step speed control. Is it worth the additional $100 to have a flat control panel? Personally, if program cycles and the latest technology are what you are looking for, we recommend the Blendtec 725 for less.

Legacy G-Series – Best Price & Free Shipping
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Vitamix Ascent Series
After Vitamix released the Next Generation series with a lower, wider container, a much quieter motor, improved speed control, and better program cycles what could they possibly add to improve their blenders? More Technology.

Best Price & Free Shipping » HERE

One thing to keep in mind if you are looking to upgrade.

The Ascent models are NOT compatible with all previous containers. This new series comes with it’s own new blending containers.

The Vitamix Ascent Series takes their blenders further into the 21st Century with a flat digital interface, timers, wireless connection and a “brain”. What’s it all really mean? A more modern looking blender with more technology and updated features.

Vitamix Self Detect 64-oz Container
The most notable new feature is the Self Detect Technology. With this new technology the blender base automatically detects the particular blending container being used and makes appropriate blending adjustments. As a result a whole new series of blending containers have been created. (Legacy containers and Ascent containers are not compatiple with each other.) The 64 ounce containers now have a clear lid, making it easier to see down into your blends, and no longer has the soft-grip handle. Also, two new containers are now available, the 20-oz Blender Cup and the 8-oz Blender Cup (both coming soon).


Vitamix A2300 base The Vitamix A2300 comes with the familiar variable speed and pulse control that we’ve seen with nearly all models. New to the series is the Self Detect Technology, the “brain” of the blender. This new feature allows the container to wirelessly communicate with the base to let it know which container is being used. Additionally it includes a Digital timer that simply counts up while blending with variable speed. The timer becomes somewhat more useful with the more expensive models.


Vitamix A2500 baseThe Ascent A2500 is the identical blender as the A2300 with added three program settings. Like the Legacy 500, 6300, and 6500 this includes blend setting for Smoothies, Hot Soup, and Frozen Desserts. The timer will count down with each program cycle used, displaying how much time is left for the set blend.


Vitamix A3300 baseFor the same cost as the A2500, the Vitamix A3300 replaces the pre-set program cycles with a programmable timer. This allows you to set the amount of time you want to blend; it will automatically shut off when it reaches zero. Additionally, the switches are replaced with a flat touch screen buttons and comes in slightly different colors.


Vitamix A3500 baseTop of the line at this point is the Vitamix A3500. For an additional $100 you can have all the features that the Ascent Series offers. It comes complete with everything found on the A3300 and adds five program settings. Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning. Finally, true to form this top of the line model comes in a brushed stainless metal finish

Ascent Series – Starting at $449 (better than direct from Vitamix)
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Comparison Chart

  Ascent Series
next generation
Blender Size full full full personal
Ideal Batch Volume small to large medium to large medium to large small to medium
Blending Containers 64oz, 20oz, 8oz Tall 64oz, 48oz, 32oz,  dry grains Short 64oz, 48oz. 32oz, dry grains 40oz, 20oz
Dishwasher Safe NO NO NO YES
Warranty 10-years 7-year* 7-year* 5-year
Distinguishing Features Self-Detect containers, digital display, timer Flagship standard for Vitamix. Offered with many packages. Advanced design with improved control. Quieter. Low-profile container. Smaller, lighter, more compact. Travel blending containers.
without programs A2300, A2500 5200, TNC, CIA, 200, Creations, TurboBlend, 5300 7500, Creations Elite, 300 s30
with programs A3300, A3500 500, 6300, 6500 750 s50, s55
Reconditioned NO YES YES YES
Price Starting at $449 Starting at $299 Starting at $429 Starting at $299

*New Creations models have a 5-year warranty


Vitamix G-Series
Discount blenders direct and from Amazon. There is no better deal on a new or used Vitamix than a Reconditioned Vitamix. You can purchase with confidence knowing it comes with a 5-year warranty. Savings up to $300 is possible.

Full WarrantyYou can’t simply choose a specific discounted model per say but organization of reconditioned blenders does make sense and logically follows series organization once you understand it. As you have learned above there are many names for essentially the same blender base, reconditioned Vitamix are organized strictly based on the base regardless of the name label printed on it.

No RiskAll reconditioned units come with their respective 64oz container and are organized into five choices: Two-speed (C-Series 2-speed), Standard (C-Series variable speed), Standard Programs (C-Series with pre-programs), Next Generation (G-Series) and Next Generation Programs (G-Series with pre-programs). Availability of models and colors varies on a regular basis dependent upon stock.

Reconditioned Vitamix – simply the Best Price
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Blending Containers

blending containers
All Vitamix blending containers are BPH-Free Eastman Tritan® copolyester. The blades are made of stainless steel and are engineered for maximum blending efficiency. These are the jars that set the current industry standards. One important factor to keep in mind is that Vitamix containers are UL rated to blend at their stated volume.

Classic 64-oz containerClassic 64 ounce
This is the tall standard container included with most C-Series blenders. It includes the blade assembly with 3-inch diameter Laser-cut, hammermill and cutting blades. This jar is the best “all around” jack-of-all-trades container. It does a good job at blending smaller volumes as well as larger family-sized meals. This is also the one that tends to be too tall to fit under kitchen cabinets.

48-oz container48 ounce
The shorter version of the 64 ounce standard that the first solution to the too tall container. This is the container that is included in all of the C-Series Compact Container packages and models (and the Creations Elite). This is ideal for when you don’t need blend a full 64 ounces. It has the same bottom and blade assembly as the 64 but its shorter nature makes it easier for removing your blends.

32-oz container32 ounce
This wet blending container was developed for small batch blending. Ideal for dips ans sauces it is also great for single servings of smoothies, desserts and soups.

dry grains containerDry Grains (32 oz)
The container that created a stir. This is a specially designed container specifically for dry blending grains and making flour. It is also great at mixing and kneading dough. The main difference is in the blade design. Unlike all the other blades designed to create a vortex to pull ingredients down into the center, the dry grains blades push ingredients up the sides to fall into the center. Think you need one of these? Find out more here.

low-profile 64-oz containerlow-profile 64 ounce
This near complete redesign of the container made great improvements over the previous 64 ounce. Introduced with the G-Series this container is over 3 inches shorter than its predecessor and fits under most kitchen cabinetry. Also, the base is wider and has a four-inch blade; the results, a much more efficient blending design also useful for chopping tasks. The drawback is that it doesn’t blend small batches very well.

40-oz container40 ounce
The traditional blending container that comes with all S-Series blenders, S-30 and S-55. A new design element of this container is that the blade assembly is separate and screws on for use. This allows for the easy cleaning and easy swapping with the 20-ounce jar. The blade base incorporates the hardened steel 3-inch diameter 4-blade system.

20-oz container20 ounce single-serve travel cup
The double walled blend and go container is a small personal size jar perfect for single serve blends. Compatible only with S-Series blenders it includes a flip-top lid for use as a drinking/serving vessel as well as a blending jar.

See all available containers
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