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Reconditioned Vitamix 5200, 7500, Pro| Refurbished Vitamix Promo


validated: April 2014

Reconditioned Vitamix

FREE Shipping - Save at least $145

with Vitamix promotion code 06-005220

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

Refurbished SUPER SALE
5-year warranty and a lower price

(8-year warranty available)
Reconditioned Vita-Mix 5200

Get the best price with a Factory Certified Refurbished Vitamix blender (reconditioned Vitamix) in the US or Canada. A refurbished Vitamix blender is a new model blender that may had been a returned gift or a Vitamix used as a display or demo. Available direct from Vitamix only. It is individually tested and certified at the Vita-Mix factory to insure it works like new. All Reconditioned Vitamix reviews are positive.


Even though the base is reconditioned, a brand NEW never before used container and a NEW tamper comes with every Certified Reconditioned Vitamix when using our Vitamix promotion code. Your choice of a 64 oz standard or a 48 oz compact container is usually available.


$120/$130 off & Free Shipping ($25 /$35 Value)
That's a total of at least $145/$155 in savings!


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vitamix promotion code

4.9 4.9 (7391 user ratings)

You will not find a better deal on a any Vitamix or used Vitamix 5200.

Certified Reconditioned VitamixFull Warranty

Why buy Reconditioned?

Obviously you save money - you get an incredible blender at a reduced price. But at what cost? Essentially, for the added savings you give up 2 years of warranty compared to a new purchase. What are you really giving up? Consider that Vitamix blenders are built to last. it is NOT uncommon for a Vitamix to last 20+ years even with continual use. The fact is, most issues will present themselves within the first 1 to 2 years. Therefore, the 2-year difference in warranty coverage is negligible at best.


Vitamix Reconditioned Sale




While they last!
Refurbished Vitamix reviews are great! As a result, their availabilty can change quickly.
- if it is currently not available check back or » Call


A payment plan is available for your Reconditioned Vitamix purchase
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Reconditioned Vita-Mix 5200Refurbished Vitamix includes*


  • NEW 64 oz (or 48 oz) Container
  • Getting Started Guide
  • NEW Recipe cookbook
  • NEW tamper
  • Same 30-day No Risk Trial as new Vitamix blenders!
  • Free Shipping

* with Vitamix Promotion Code 06-005220

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*What's the difference between a Refurbished and Reconditioned ? - Nothing. While you will see both words used to describe the discount Vitamix, they mean exactly the same thing.


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