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Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Review

A complete review of the Vitamix Explorian Series E310 and how it compares to all the

Vitamix Ascent Series Review

Answers to your questions. Complete review with the DETAILS on what the new Series from Vitamix

How Vitamix Changed our Lives

Vitamix improved our life greatly and we shared that with over 200,000 people. Then it broke

Vitamix Blender Buyers Guide

Get ANSWERS. All Vitamix blenders compared. The TRUE differences in this complete review to make the

Vitamix Promotion Code – December 2017

* VALID * & * VERIFIED * Authorized Vitamix promotion code for discounts, free shipping and

Vitamix Foam & Froth

Problem SOLVED - How to remove the foam/froth when making smoothies.

Vitamix Canada

Vitamix Canada lowest price 2017 Promotion Code and Free Shipping on Vitamix Aspire 7500, 750, TNC,

Vitamix 5300

Questions - is it the E320? It looks like a Vitamix 7500 but it is NOT

Vitamix S-30, S50 & S55 Personal Blenders

The Vitamix S30, S50 and S55 - the S-Series makes performance blending more portable . Review

Your chance to win an Ultimate Vitamix Upgrade package

Be entered to win the Vitamix Ultimate Upgrade when purchasing your blender - xtra container, extended
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