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  • Vitamix 5200 Standard C-Series

    The Vitamix 5200 is the best blender for creating a healthy lifestyle. Risk-Free Vitamix 5200 & free shipping – make the choice to change your life.

  • Vitamix 5200 Deluxe

    The Vitamix 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen Package is the cream of the crop with all the bells and whistles. With 2 wet and 1 dry grains container that come the Vitamix Deluxe package, you can make all your favorite dishes, grind grain, and make bread. Save $25 ($35CN) with Free Standard Shipping when using our Vitamix promo code.

  • Vitamix 750 Review and Comparison

    The long anticipated Vitamix Professional Series 750, the ultimate in performance blending has been released. It is the same blender as the Vitamix 7500 but with the addition of pre-programmed blending cycles.

  • Vitamix Professional 300

    Vitamix Professional Series 300 is the new generation performance blender from Vitamix. Here you can find the best price Vitamix Pro 300 which includes free shipping.

  • Vitamix TurboBlend Series

    The NEW affordable Vitamix TurboBlend Series made especially for the healthy minded. The focus of this unique Vitamix Package is on creating vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes into your diet.

  • Vitamix Sold Out… Order Here!

    Vitamix Sold Out? Most new Vitamix blenders are not available on the website but you can still order your new Vitamix using our Promotion Code…

  • QVC Vitamix Creations Elite

    Vitamix Creations Elite Review

    The new generation Vitamix blender is here! The VItamix Creations Elite, a quieter, better design. But is it worth the extra cost? Find out here…

  • Vitamix Giveaway Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners of the February 2012 Vitamix Giveaway!

  • Win a Free Vitamix!

    Win a Free Vitamix!
    Purchase any Vitamix using our Promotion Code 06-005220 and be entered in a drawing to win valuable Vitamix products.

    Through the month of February, when you make a blender purchase using our links and Promo Code 06-005220 you will automatically be entered to win one of 31 prizes including a FREE Vitamix…

  • Vitamix Aspire – Canada compact Vitamix Review

    Everyone is talking about the new Vitamix Aspire package

    With the Shopping Channel in Canada promoting the Vitamix Aspire with 48oz Jar we have been receiving a lot of questions about it. This quick review attempts to answer the most popular questions we have been receiving…