Blendtec Connect Food Prep System

Blendtec Connect Food Prep

True to form, Blendtec continues their innovation and commitment to revolutionizing the modern kitchen. At this year’s International Home and Housewares Show, Blendtec unveiled the world’s first Bluetooth connected food preparation system.

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The easiest way to cook – simplicity through technology

Customers who truly appreciate kitchen innovation such as Blendtec’s programmed blend cycles will want to take notice, as well as anyone looking to make meal preparation easier, more efficient, and do so consistently.

The intent with this system is take advantage of modern technology to simplify quality food preparation beyond the blender by incorporating a mixer, scale, and an app to allow them all to “talk” to each other. The idea is to create smarter kitchen tools to assist you in being more efficient and effective in nutritious meal creation.


Blendtec ConnectApp

The brain that connects the system together is the free ConnectApp. This app runs on any iOS or Android device providing recipes and all the step-by-step easy to follow directions.

  • Bluetooth technology used to connect with each component
  • Hundreds of recipes with detailed directions and steps
  • Ability to customize recipes based upon ingredients on-hand or desired servings


 725c ConnectBlender

The ConnectBlender, the Blendtec 725C, takes SmartBlend technology to the next level to work in conjunction with the other components.

  • Connects with the App via Bluetooth to display customized instructions for each blend
  • Stores custom blends for easy access anytime
  • Interactive SmartBlend intelligence senses and identifies potential issues and offers solutions to resolve them


Blendtec ConnectScale

No need for measuring spoons and cups. The ConnectScale takes guesswork our of baking and food preparation offering precision accuracy.

  • Detailed measurement accuracy within one gram
  • ConnectApp rescales recipe measurements automatically based on the serving amount desired/li>
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


Blendtec ConnectMixer

Advanced technology and extreme durability takes mixing to a new level with incredible power.

  • Super-quiet direct direve motor has zero gears to wear down or create additional noise
  • Precision control is easy with the digital touchscreen displa
  • Receive customized step-by-step instructions from the App via Bluetooth

We are very excited to put this system to the test as soon as possible. Blendtec states that it will be released and available for purchase later this year. Look for our complete review soon.

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