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Unable to chew anything, need balanced diet advice. Any ideas?


Hi everyone,

I'm just starting out on this forum after finding this site looking for information on smoothies. I have a problem getting a balanced diet because I have no cartilage in my jaw (which can't be fixed) and am unable to chew anything. It's causing me a fair bit of weight loss and I'm sure I'm somewhat malnourished as a result. I can't eat vegetables unless they're either overcooked, or made into a smoothie and my attempts at smoothie making haven't worked out. I couldn't drink the stuff haha. So I'm looking for some ideas of how to get more green veggies into my diet, and more protein (also can't eat most meat, not that I'm vegetarian but most meat involves chewing, nuts are also out of the question.) Mostly I've been eating yogurts, pasta, soups/stews, and some fruit smoothies etc. but I definitely need some ideas to get a more balanced diet. Any suggestions for recipes would be great.

Thanks in advance!



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