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Sorry, but I've got a Poo question.

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I've been on 2 quarts of Green Smoothie a day for 30 days now.
Will my poo ever look "normal" again?!
Or will it always look not too much different coming out as it did
when it went in?
Again, I apologize.
But, I've googled it to death and can't find an answer.

green smoothie junkie:
Hello Birdie,

First off let me say congratulations! on your 30 day journey - I'd love to hear about your experience and what changes you've noted in the last 30 days, would be so kind as to post them?

Now... of course, "normal looking" is rather subjective so it's hard to know what you want it to look like, but it is expected to change with the introduction of green smoothies.

It will likely be reminiscent of how it went in because the body can not break down the cellulose composing the plant cell walls very well (hence the benefit of a high speed blender) so there will always be a similar green appearance. The good news is that as you continue to improve your diet by feeding your body more goodness and less not-so-goodness, your body will become more efficient in its digestion as your PH balances and your acid level rises. That will result in things returning to look a bit "normal", although as long as you continue to enjoy a lot of Green Smoothies, "normal looking poo" will continue to take on a new meaning.

I hope this helps.

Let's say things are starting to solidify a bit.
It's a somewhat difficult subject for a forum like this.
I don't mind the subject. But, I'm not sure what other peoples
tolerances are.
Since starting GS's daily my nails are growing in nicer, my eyes are bright,
and my belly is much flatter.
I also have more energy.
I would eventually like to do a GS fast. Only having GS's for a week or two.
Right now I have two quarts a day in the first part of the day.
As far as the poo question goes, I just wonder if anyone else who has this much GS has solid poo? Or is it soft and unformed?

green smoothie junkie:
okay, I didn't completely grok what you meant by "the same as went in".

Everyone's body can react differently to the introduction of green smoothie and while not having 'normal" solid poo can occur during the beginning stages of detoxification and change, rarely lasts for 30 days. Most green smoothie drinkin' folks I know, myself include, have normal solid poo.

I'm happy to see that things are starting to normalize for you. I see that you have your 2 quarts of smoothie "in the first part of the day"; you could be having too much at once, try spreading it out to throughout the day. If it continues, my guess is that you are having a reaction to a specific ingredient you are using (that is not too uncommon). So you might want to do an ingredient elimination process to find the possible culprit.

Some possible causes could be:
- Dairy. Lactose intolerance and/or sensitivity to Milk Protein
- Fructose intolerance. Some folks are overly sensitive due to Fructose Malabsorption

Isn't fructose in all fruit? How could I eliminate it and still have green smoothies?
The smoothie I am having today is:
2 oranges with just the orange peel sliced off leaving the white.
1 apple
2 kiwi
4 dandelion leaves
5 dino kale leaves
3 pieces parsley
1 hand full of baby arugula
I don't use any dairy.
Spreading them out through out the day may help. I can try that.
Shouldn't I have them on a stomach that has been empty for a long time?
Can I drink them with other food?


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