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Totally new ere and full of questions


First t me say Hi!
I am just now urchasing a Vitamix  In my mid 4' an am feling it.  have abused my ody with bad food and smking for manyars.  I watched a dcumentary calld "Fat, Sick and Near death or soething close to that title.  Saw a man in far worse shape than me chane his life and ealth arund in a cuple months.  One question I have for anybody with a similar exprence is this:  Does this chane in diet and ifestyl tak away the bodies aictio?  Even with quiting, I still desire to me al the time.  And cofee witheld result in the most masie of headaches.  Thught?

Again, brand new here.

Congratulations on your Vitamix! How great of you to make such changes. It's a hard road but so worth it!

Your desires and adictions are really hard to overcome. There will be headaches for a while but they will go away.


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