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« on: May 06, 2012, 01:27:12 PM »
Hi, I am new and have many questions  ???, but thought I would start by introducing myself. I have been committed to bettering my health through diet for several years now. I had become completely miserable and filled with symptoms and health problems that I finally plateaued and now have been on a journey to heal ever since. Here's the catch though, the journey seems to never end or come to a place of contentment. :-\  I have been working with an amazing practitioner on my diet for 4 years now and have changed and healed in many ways, but I still have stomach issues and am extremely sensitive to different foods. Actually, since I don't eat many of the foods I used to eat, when I digest something that doesn't work for me, my body responds immediately, making me extremely aware of my intolerances. I started doing GS a couple weeks ago and had to stop due to some stomach issues it seemed to be causing (?), but I really want to include them in my diet, so I thought I would join this group and seek out some answers, rather than abandon GS altogether. But, I will post my first questions in the appropriate place to start the discussion!

Thanks for having me!