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I went to the Kitchen aid website and found the area for Refurbished blenders and bought a very nice 5 speed heavy duty blender which they also sell on eBay. It was regularly $150 and I got it delivered to my door for $76. I have been using it everyday for the last 5 months and it hasn't skipped a beat. It works very very good. Its probably not quite as good as a Blendtec but hey, its much much cheaper and a great way to get started to see if you will keep doing it without the large investment. I'm very supprised no one has mentioned this blender. I have seen several blender comparisons that did not include the two big guns and this one always wins to me it should be third in line. My mom bought the one that is endorsed by Montel Williams and it does work pretty good but is very cheap and is a pain to operate you have to lock the jar to the base then lock the lid and its pretty hard to do my mom is in her 70's and she cant even do it. What a waste of money it was for her. I love my kitchen aid and will buy another one when it dies most likely. Just thought I would share since not everyone can afford a $400+ blender to get started.

Here is a link to a blender and the next one is to the seller.


KitchenAid eBay

Thank you for sharing jstar!

Indeed as we've always said, an expensive blender is not required especially as you begin your journey. KitchenAid makes fantastic inexpensive blenders for light-medium duty.

Just be sure to research what fits your needs and budget and adjust as your needs change or as your ability to invest changes. We went through 3 less-expensive kitchen blenders before we invested in our first Vitamix.

The most important thing is that you keep the good, fresh whole foods in your diet no matter your budget.

Well my neighbor went out of town and I borrowed his vitamix 5200 and wow what a difference. My smoothies are truly smooth. Much better then with the Kitchen aid. The kitchen aid is a good starter to see if you will stick with it but the vitamix or Blendtec is the way to go. I personally will buy the Blendtec becuase the vitamix has a few design flaws in my opinion. The whole thing is just way too big but mostly the jar is to narrow at the bottom and things get clogged up too easily. Great blender in the end and a super work horse but I prefer the lower profile and wider jar of the Blendtec and will go in that direction for sure. The vitamix appears to be old technology and an old design, they should re-designed the thing and bring it into this century I think.

green smoothie junkie:
You can't really compare the Kitchen Aid to a Vitamix - really, two different machines completely.

The jar is narrow at the bottom because that makes it more efficient for smooth blending - nothing gets clogged up. If it's all about low profile then get a 32 oz container. To me the Blendtec is an over-glorified light-weight blender with power. My fear is that it will break with making a gallon of green smoothie a day.


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