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Vita-Mix or Blendtec?

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When talking to folks about blenders one of the most common questions we hear is:

"Which is better, Vita-Mix or Blendtec?".

We have put both blenders through hundreds of cycles and like both of them - in short I believe both are excellent products. Each one has its purpose in our kitchen and I am blessed to be able to have them both.

See our Blendtec vs Vitamix Review for more details.

I am most interested in hearing others' thoughts about the Vita-Mix versus Blendtec debate.

Questions? Opinions?

green smoothie junkie:
Wow - a great review of the blenders. I don't have experience with a Blendtec but I love my Vitamix.

I chose Vitamix because of the reputation and 7 year warranty - it does make green smoothies super smooth :)

Blendtec has just updated the color options available for their Total Blender:

   You can now purchase your Blendtec in Red or Coffee for the same price as the Black and White colors.

   Also, Blendtec now offers a 3 quart container (96 ounces)!

I've had a Vita-Mix and use it several times a day for many years and am now seriously considering getting a Blend-Tec.  I like the square shape and the fact that it is not narrow at the bottom like the Vita-Mix.  I find it difficult to remove all the food using a rubber spatula.   I do know that I will get it at a road show where the warranty will be 7 years, just like the Vita-Mix, so that'll help.

Yes apple25,
indeed the square shape and the less-narrow bottom does make it easier to remove food with a spatula in a Blendtec, but even more so because the blendtec only has 2 blades (versus the Vita-mix 4 blades). That is definitely a selling point for many people. You will love having both!

I wasn't aware that you could get a 7 year warranty for a Blendtec - do you have to pay extra for that?


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