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Totally Turmeric Green Smoothie

Take in the amazing benefits of Turmeric with this deliciously satisfying green smoothie. This recipe falls

Tropical Abundance

What to do when you have an incredible harvest of fresh tropical fruits? Make a smoothie


Kale is one of the best balanced and most nutritious greens available in your garden or

Chocolate Green Smoothie

Life By Chocolate – Green Smoothie Recipe. The winning favorite from our latest Green Smoothie Challenge.

“Vegetarian Breakfasts in a Blender” Review

The Blender Queen’s Guide to Vegetarian Breakfasts in a Blender: 45 Recipes by Elizabeth Zane A

4th of July Independence Day Green Smoothie

The Patriotic Green Smoothie As the Barbeques are fired up, apple pie comes out of the

Avocado Tahini Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe with Avocado and Tahini - a wonderful green smoothie alternative with less fruit.

Coconut Yogurt Green Smoothie Recipe

Coconut Yogurt Green Smoothie Recipe. Make a delicious vegan green smoothie with coconut yogurt

What to do with nut milk pulp…Cookies!

We all love to make our own nut milks. How wonderfully satisfying it is to sip

I’m Crackers for Raw Crackers

In some circles, I am known as the raw cracker queen, okay just my husband calls
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