How Vitamix Changed our Lives

Part 3: The Unbelievable…

We continued to provide customer support for Vitamix customers and helped them through the purchase process. I finally was able to build the income back to a reasonable level but it could not support the needs of our family long-term and with Shawna letting her therapy license lapse we had to make a drastic change.

The drastic change came in the form of a great surprise. We had the opportunity to move to another country where we could take our savings to build a house and reduce our overhead and budget dramatically. With this move, the steady income from our Vitamix work would be sufficient to return to a happy, productive life where we could continue to create the environment we needed for our son and ourselves.

For the year following the decision I was in constant contact with Vitamix informing them of the changes coming. While I was no longer the number one affiliate, I did remain in the top even though our web traffic and sales had decreased greatly. I did the due diligence to make the transition the correct way and seamless for Vitamix.

Everything was in place and agreed upon. We moved to our new home and began building our house. I provided all the official and legal paperwork to Vitamix to finalize the transition. One of the procedures was to provide them with a form W8-BEN in place of a W-9 for tax purposes. They were confused by this standard form. I hired a tax attorney to speak with their accounting department to help them understand how the new status works. They refused the assistance and insisted upon a different method. In the end I did exactly as they asked as we didn’t want, nor could we afford, any changes to our business.

I went back to business as usual supporting Vitamix customers and building our house. All was perfect for a few more months until I received an email from the new Vitamix Affiliate Manager of an Account Suspension Notice due to them receiving notification of a link I had to another affiliate’s video.

I informed them I was using the link with permission from the other affiliate. In fact, the agreement came about when we met at the Vitamix headquarters the year before as guests of Vitamix. I attempted to call them many times without answer. I left voicemails with my phone number, and emailed them my phone number asking for a conversation. They responded with an email changing status from Suspended to Terminated stating they could terminate for “any reason with or without cause“.

They refused to have a conversation but stated later in an email that it was due to “various concerns over the years“. Soon after, they officially changing the affiliate terms requiring all affiliates to reside full-time in the United States. I am resolved to never knowing the true reason for our final termination, your guess is as good as mine.

Since September 2015 our income from Vitamix is zero and our house remains unfinished.

We continue with greater website traffic than we had before the final termination and we continue our daily support of hundreds of Vitamix customers to purchase and use their Vitamix. We receive zero compensation from Vitamix but we do ask for your support by purchasing a Vitamix through our Amazon affiliate links.

Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. See our Vitamix buying guide for help in selecting the best Vitamix for you.

That is our story of how Vitamix changed our lives.

To Your Health,
John Shawna & Jonathan

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