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As a long standing partner of Vitamix we present all exclusive and authorized Vitamix sales and discounts for purchase direct from Vitamix

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Reconditioned Vitamix Sales

In addition to all of the sales listed above, Vitamix continuously has reconditioned blenders on sale for a price much lower than new. These can be excellent options for savings on the particular blender you want. Check out our Reconditioned Vitamix guide for additional details.

No Code Necessary

Unless specified, no manual code is necessary to receive any discount we offer here. All are activated with the links and will appear in your shopping cart. In addition you will ALWAYS receive free shipping when using our links. If you have an issue receiving the discount, return here and click the link again. For additional info see Vitamix Promotion Code.

Valid and Exclusive Vitamix Sales

Vitamix does not authorize coupons and deep discounts on their blenders. Seeing sales and ads that promise huge savings are more of a red flag, often indicating that the advertiser is not authorized to sell Vitamix, or what is being advertised is not true.

Since we are an authorized partner, all Vitamix sales that we present here are valid and verified at the time of publishing. We are also able to offer exclusive discounts and offers that you would otherwise not find elsewhere, even on without using our links. It is possible items listed here on sale can become unavailable due to stock running out. Keep in mind stock may be replenished, so do check back if a particular sale item is not currently in stock. Offers are subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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