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Got Greens?™  is more than green smoothies and blenders – it is a call to action. It’s a reminder to think – a reminder to challenge all that you’ve been fed by the giant food industries regarding health and nutrition. Remember Got Milk?

Upon having a child, focus became even more on nutrition. Being surrounded by parents who unwittingly fed their children bad food because that’s what they learned from advertising, made us sad. Our hearts wept.

We were determined to do better for our child, to give him the best start possible with regard to nutrition and food programming. In addition to breastfeeding, he ate mostly vegan and a lot of raw, living foods. Watching our 10 month old absolutely loving green smoothies was a joy.

Seeing that green mustache on his upper lip everyday reminded us that every child can easily have access to good food for optimum nutrition to ultimately lead them to a healthy body, spirit, and life. It was then that we knew we HAD to share with others how to make a change, how to break down the food programming we’ve all grown up with and to improve not only our children’s health but our own as well.

With today’s astronomical rise in cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc… Got Greens? is the reminder to challenge what we’ve been told and to make different choices. GotGreensRevolution is a resource from our hearts to offer information and support on making different diet choices to change your life with blending at its forefront.

Choose a better diet, better nutrition, better health, and a better life…
Start a Revolution in Your Body™

We love to eat.

The Family

With over 50 years combined experience in the Health and Food Science industry we are dedicated to better living through better eating. We are, in fact, addicted to many delicious foods that do not promote optimal health. We continue to improve our diets and strengthen our immune system. The most effective thing we’ve found to have a profound impact on health and well-being is eating whole, living foods.

We started drinking green smoothies every day over 12 years ago after being inspired by a book that talked about taking super-greens, spirulina and chlorella, as a good source of, well, basically, everything! I hadn’t yet heard anything about “green smoothies”, in fact it was virtually an unknown term yet I started making them while my husband was out of town. I basically put a lot of fruit with a little kale and spinach and super-greens in my $3.00 garage sale blender and voila! I had a delicious smoothie. Well, my husband came home and we were hooked. When our son was about 9 months old he showed interest in these green drinks, so he started eating them in a bowl with a spoon. Before he was even a year old, he was up on the counter with us stuffing the blender with greens!

We began researching everything about eating greens and putting them in smoothies. We started to add a lot more greens, realizing that we in fact needed a lot more. I like to have about 60% fruit and 40% greens. My son and husband love about 20% fruit and 80% greens. I’ll get there. Most people are shocked that our toddler was drinking these “ugly” drinks all day long! (We think they are beautiful, by the way).

Now, years since we started drinking green smoothies, the $3 blender is history; the motor could not handle the tug of the leafy greens. We had upgraded considerably to a Vitamix then later a Blendtec. Our health has improved dramatically and we’ve witnessed how green smoothies and wholefood blending have improved others’ health and life too.

A good blender became the essential tool for achieving the health improvements and goals we were looking for. Soon we started collecting blenders and testing them to understand how good they differ and how to reap the most benefit from each one. We have owned and used over 30 different blender models. Our passion for details and truth spilled into learning and teaching about blenders.

We believe that it is every individual’s right to enjoy a radiant, abundant and healthy life and that learning to use your blender is a perfect start. Upon eating better and drinking greens, positive changes will take place in your life and your diet will continue to improve as you crave adding more living raw foods. Therein lies the reason we have put together this website.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting here and feel comfortable to contribute your story with the community. We welcome your comments and input as we grow in our understanding of our lives, our health and the needs of community.

To Your Health!
Shawna, John and Jonathan