Vitamix 750

Vitamix Professional Series 750

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The long anticipated Vitamix Professional Series 750, the ultimate in performance blending has been released. It is the same blender as the » Vitamix 7500 but with the addition of pre-programmed blending cycles. If you are looking for the blender with the most power, most features and the best warranty in the industry then look no further. We are proud to offer the Vitamix 750 best price. Order your Vitamix Pro 750 with Free Shipping.

Vitamix Professional 750 (1825) Highlights:

New Design

5 Pre-Programmed settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees and cleaning

Quieter operation with vibration dampening and enhanced air flow management

The industry’s best 7-Year full use warranty

New low-profile BPA-Free 64 oz. container

Variable speed blending

Pulse feature

Vitamix 750 vs 7500. Don’t want or need the presets? The Vitamix 7500 is the same blender without the blend cycles for a better price.

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Vitamix Pro 750 vs Pro 500/6300:

With the Vitamix Pro 750 you receive the best of all worlds. Complete control over all of your blending needs plus the convenience of pre-set blending cycles for your regular blends. Add to this, Vita-mix’s new design of the low profile 64 oz container to fit under most kitchen cabinets and there is nothing more you could desire from a blender.

Improved Motor

As if the time-tested, award-winning Vita-mix motor wasn’t good enough, the 750 comes with the latest motor improvements. Following in the footstep of the dependable Commercial blender models, the Pro 750 kicks it up to 13 amps and keeps the cooling power of the radial fan running continuously while using the blender. The new motor also has been designed with additional vibration dampening technology resulting in a Vitamix that makes 40 percent less noise than previous models.

Compact Design

Perhaps one of the most common critiques of the Vitamix Pro 500 was that it was too tall to fit under most kitchen cabinets. Now, with the newly designed 64 oz BPA-Free container, the Vitamix Professional 750 is slightly over 17 inches tall and fits under most kitchen cabinets. Not only is the new container shorter but it even more efficient with a wider base and larger blade. As with all Vita-mix container you can fill this one to the top and blend with confidence.

Convenient Program Settings PLUS Precision Control

One of the features that made the Professional 500 a big hit was the addition of 3 pre-programmed blending settings. The Vitamix Pro 750 has those 3 settings and adds 2 additional common blending tasks. Now you have settings for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soups, Purees, and Cleaning.

While the 5 pre-sets are incredibly convenient for the most common blender tasks, the Professional 750 retains the ever popular Variable Speed dial. Even the variable speed control has been improved allowing for complete blending speed control for creating most any dish. Like the Professional 500, the 750 retains the pulse function.

Vitamix 750 vs 7500

These two blenders are essentially the same with regard to features and function. The only real difference is in the automated blending cycles. If you don’t need or want to pay the extra cost for the 5 program cycles of the 750, consider the Vitamix 7500 which is the same blender without the pre-sets.

Vitamix 750 vs 500

The Pro 500 was the first blender to include presets. The Pro 750 is a major improvement in that it now has the more powerful, quieter motor as well as the improved 64-oz container and the addition of 2 more pre-programmed blend cycle selections.

In the Box

Included with your Vitamix Professional 750 (1825) blender is a new tamper, a Create Recipe book, the Getting Started guide and a tutorial DVD with Chef Michael Voltaggio.

While we continue to highly recommend the Vitamix 5200, if you are wanting the "ultimate" in blending and are willing to spend the extra $200+, you can have everything that a blender could possibly offer with a Vitamix 750.

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