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Blendtec Discount Code
There are no valid Blendtec coupons but we are proud to offer our community and readers the Blendtec best price and free shipping direct from Blendtec. Our links activate your savings and have been validated and verified when using discount code: GotGreensPromo.

Are you still deciding on which Blendtec model is best for you?
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Actual discount can vary over time but our promotional links guarantee you the best price on any Blendtec blender (savings can be over $200). It is also valid on all blending jars, mixers, mills, and accessories sold direct.

How to order you Blendtec

Best Price & Free Shipping is as easy as 1-2-3

ONE – Use any of our special BLENDTEC LINKS to shop and to make your purchase. (Blendtec blenders are available only in the USA and Canada.)

TWO – Choose the Blendtec model and accessories that are best for you. (All new & discount refurbished blenders are included as well as all accessories even when purchased separately.)

THREE – Click to ‘Check out’ then enter GotGreensPromo in the discount field and click ‘Apply’

You should see “Discount” with our discount code and “Free Shipping”.

Discount Details

Blendtec Promo Code


Can I find a coupon for a bigger discount?

No. While Blendtec does occasionally run specials or discount promotions they do not distribute or accept coupons for additional price reduction. Using our links and entering our code provides you with free shipping and the best discount direct from Blendtec.

What if I order by phone and not online?

Simply inform the sales representative that you would like to use the Got Greens Promo. You will receive free shipping and the current discounts offered.

How can you provide this promotion on Blendtec blenders and accessories?

We have partnered with Blendtec to help educate and support their shoppers and customers. As a result they provide us with our promotional links and we receive a portion of the sale.

If you have any issues or questions please contact us.

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