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Vitamix Recall – Vitamix Ascent and Venturist Series 8-oz and 20-oz Containers

Safety Recall Notice. Vitamix recalls their 20-oz and 8-oz blending containers for Ascent and Venturist. Recall is for products sold in Canada & the US.

Best Vitamix to Buy – a Complete Shopper’s Guide Review

Our comprehensive shopping review guide of all current Vitamix models to help you decide which Vitamix to buy.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Review & Comparison

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Series is the latest release from Vitamix. Designed to bring epic Vitamix performance for the most affordable price yet. The E310 is a feature simple model with solid performance.

Blendtec & Vitamix Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals

The Black Friday discount sales are valid for one week only and will end on Cyber Monday! DON'T MISS OUT on Vitamix's best price ever.

Vitamix Canada Promotions

Vitamix has a warehouse in Canada. All Canadian orders ship from Windsor Ontario and therefore are NOT subject to import tax or foreign duties.

Vitamix vs Blendtec – the Ultimate Comparison

In our Blendtec vs Vitamix comparison review, copied by many, we reveal the similarities and differences between these two excellent high-speed performance blenders. Our complete, unbiased comparison is based on over 10 years of blending experience.

Vitamix Smart System Ascent Series Review (Comparing the A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500 with ALL models)

The much anticipated new Vitamix Ascent models have arrived. While the previous Next Generation release brought an improved blending container, improved blending control and a great improvement in sound volume, the Ascent Series brings improved aesthetic design,

How Vitamix Changed our Lives

Learn more about Vitamix as a company. Part 1: How it Began… When Jonathan was born, our lives changed dramatically. We became parents, so of course it did! Something wonderful happened. Becoming parents gave us new purpose

Totally Turmeric Green Smoothie

Take in the amazing benefits of Turmeric with this deliciously satisfying green smoothie. This recipe falls into our dessert tonic category. So creamy sweet with amazing health benefits.

Blendtec Review, Comparison & Buying Guide

Blendtec releases their new blender models. Now there is more choice than ever with 6 different models, 18 new colors, and 5 blending jar packages to choose from to please everyone's desire - as long as you