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Vitamix Immersion Blender Review

Vitamix adds a new branch to their blender offering – the Immersion Blender. Like all things Vitamix this new product is designed for the serious kitchen enthusiast, more powerful than most immersion blenders on the market and

Vitamix Stainless Steel Container

The high performance stainless steal blending solution you have been waiting for. Now available for every full-size Vitamix. Get the details...

Vitamix V1200 Review and Comparison

The Vitamix v1200 - part of the Venturist line, recently released specifically for Costco. The Vitamix V1200 blender is part of the Vitamix Smart Series which includes the Ascent Series. See our review of the

Vitamix Mother’s Day Sale

Special Deals for Mother's Day. Supers savings of up to $160 OFF Blenders starting at $279. Shop for your perfect model here.

Blendtec Pro 800 Review and Comparison

5.0 (129 user ratings) BLENDTEC PRO 800 REVIEW “The Quietest Blender in the World.” When it comes to performance blenders, with power comes noise. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Blendtec Professional 800 is

Vitamix Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Holiday Deals

The Black Friday discount sales are valid for one week only and will end on Cyber Monday! DON'T MISS OUT on Vitamix's best price ever.

Blendtec Discounts and Deals

As a long standing partner we offer authorized and exclusive Blendtec discounts and sales when purchasing direct from Blendtec. Find the biggest discounts possible.

Vitamix Recall – Vitamix Ascent and Venturist Series 8-oz and 20-oz Containers

Safety Recall Notice. Vitamix recalls their 20-oz and 8-oz blending containers for Ascent and Venturist. Recall is for products sold in Canada & the US.

Best Vitamix to Buy – a Complete Vitamix Review

Our comprehensive shopping review comparison of all current Vitamix models to help you decide which Vitamix to buy.

Vitamix Explorian Series Review & Comparison

The Vitamix Explorian Series is the latest release from Vitamix. Designed to bring epic Vitamix performance for the most affordable price yet. The E310 and E320 are feature simple models with solid performance.