The time is now…

time to take control of our health and reclaim our personal well-being, to listen to our bodies and feed it live natural wholesome foods to nourish, repair and heal. We are a culture of disease and misinformation. Heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes have been rising at astronomical rates while we supposedly continue to make great advances in science and technology.

The revolution has already begun in our consciousness as we all know we can make better food choices, it is now time to bring it to our bodies. We truly are what we eat and we have become packed full of Genetically Modified Organisms, foreign hormones and growth factors, lab created “food stuff”, additives to make food look pretty, preservatives to prevent life, and chemicals we can’t pronounce no less recognize in our body.

Our health model is primarily based on identifying symptoms of illness and prescribing a pharmaceutical product to mask it, NOT on creating a solid immune system through nutrition, rest and spirit. The recommended food pyramid has been birthed via principles of Big Business Marketing NOT from principles of real nutrition.

The Revolution is NOT necessarily about making dramatic changes to your diet right now with hope to attain a desired effect as quick as possible. There are plenty of fad diets that, while they’ve had their “fifteen minutes of fame”, have been factually discredited or just disappeared.

The Got Greens? Revolution™ is about making better, more informed choices, about taking pause to listen to your cellular wisdom and your miraculous body to transform your life. Regardless of one’s religious or metaphysical beliefs, it is understood that continued life on this planet is fed solely by the sun. In turn, the life giving energy of the sun is transformed into food by way of plants with water and the addition of minerals from the Earth.

The “Revolution” is about reclaiming your health so that you can truly be at your best, and at its root is nutrition… what you feed your body. Your body can cure any disease if provided with the right foods and environment. Wonderful, beautiful, leafy greens is where to begin. Eating more raw, living foods assures you of getting the nutrition that your body needs. It’s not about becoming an herbivore, it’s about making changes to eat what’s good for the body. As your body evolves with good nutrition your cravings and diet choices will naturally change and your immune system will improve. You will want and crave more raw whole food goodness.

Got Greens? Revolution™ begins with an addition, not a drastic change. The easiest and most effective way to take advantage of Earth’s bounty of life-giving nutrition found in greens is through drinking green smoothies and adding greens to the regular things you eat. Make a Green Smoothie today and Start a Revolution in Your Body™