4th of July Independence Day Green Smoothie

The Patriotic Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie
As the Barbeques are fired up, apple pie comes out of the oven and the hot dog packages are opened ready yourself for some good ole fashioned patriotic good times. Lavish in the joy of tradition and good times.

I made my green smoothie this morning like any other morning… grabbing what is on hand and blending it. It was a particularly delicious green smoothie that I had to write down the recipe.

It was not until the green smoothie had been completely devoured that I remembered that it is Independence day and as I wrote down the recipe I realized that I had made a bonafied all American Fourth of July Green Smoothie. The fruit colors of the flag and greens.


Independence Green Smoothie Recipe

– 1/3 cup dried RED goji berries
– 1 ripe WHITE banana
– 3/4 cup BLUEberries
– 1 handful of fresh baby spinach
– 7 Russian Kale leaves (or a Kale of your choice)

Add water and blend.
Makes about 2 pints of nutritious green smoothie.


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