The Live Food Factor – book review

the-live-food-factorThe Live Food Factor


The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet For Mind, Spirit & Planet


I love books, especially those that offer the opportunity for growth as well as those that intelligently challenge my belief system. I can get very excited about a book although it happens infrequently. The Live Food Factor is a book that has really excited me.

While there is a plethora of books out there about Raw Food and Raw Food diets, in my experience, I’ve found that most are similar to religion.  They focus on *the* “right way” or “correct way” to approach a Raw Food lifestyle while pointing out how other approaches are in some way “wrong” ; of course, most often the “right way” is a promotion of the author’s personal system. The Live Food Factor is a different kind of Raw Food book.

First of all, towering above all Raw Food books on the coffee table, it is a big book sporting over 650 pages. But do not be intimidated by its size,  it covers a lot of ground that is easy to access and understand, organized into the following areas:

  • Reasons to Go Raw
  • Raw Proof – The Science
  • Raw History and Leaders
  • Your Journey to Raw Life
  • Plus plenty of references and appendices

What I found most refreshing about the book is that it does not promote a single approach over any other, it does a fantastic job at presenting all known approaches to the Raw Food lifestyle. This is the best part of the book; it gives the reader lots of information, studies, results, and practical information on how to explore different approaches to a Raw Food Lifestyle and find what works best for *you*. The book also embraces and incorporates Natural Hygiene and does a fabulous job of presenting how it directly relates to a Raw Food lifestyle.

I cant’ say enough good things about the book. I have yet to find a single source that is as exhaustive on the subject of Raw Food that presents pretty much everything you need to know about exploring or continuing a Raw Food lifestyle. If you like the facts and hard science, there are nearly 70 scientific studies included that present evidence to the benefits of eating Raw Food.

I now refer to The Live Food Factor as my Raw Food bible. It is a must read for anyone interested in or currently incorporating a Raw Food Lifestyle on any level.

Order your copy of The Live Food Factor here.

Have you read The Live Food Factor? What’s did you think?

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