“Vegetarian Breakfasts in a Blender” Review

Blender Queen

The Blender Queen’s Guide to Vegetarian Breakfasts in a Blender: 45 Recipes by Elizabeth Zane

A Great eBook

I downloaded this book to my Amazon Kindle a while back. Being in the business, I couldn’t resist this little gem for the price. It is a very inclusive recipe book. Meaning, that it doesn’t exclude anyone because they may want to add milk or yogurt to their smoothie, even eggs. The Table of Contents is neatly organized into 5 chapters, listing the name of each recipe with a little symbol next to it to further clarify it into its dietary category. Oh, and I LOVE that with my Kindle I can point to a recipe, click enter, and it will go right to it. This is exciting to the not-so-techno me because I am still learning about and am wowed by such advanced features! And here I thought it was just to read a book. Hah!

TIPS Included

Many of the recipes are followed by a “BLENDER QUEEN’S TIP:” which I have actually found pretty useful. I never thought to use my almond pulp for a facial exfoliator after making almond mylk. I usually compost it or throw it in the freezer to use later for a raw pie crust or crackers. The Blender Queen is also pretty thoughtful when it comes to suggesting alternatives for possibly hard-to-find ingredients, which is great because sometimes I’ll just simply bypass a recipe if I see something I don’t have or is too hard to get, rather than just thinking up a replacement. There are a few places where undesirable ingredients are included, such as sugar and soymilk, but this is a small crime considering all the other good things the book offers. When I was learning to cook, I thought that I had to follow a recipe EXACTLY and would not dare to omit an ingredient or (whispering) substitute for something else. Now I am quite comfortable with seeing the bigger picture of what the recipe is and discerning how to make it meet our family’s needs.

Useful Recipes

Being somewhat of a blender queen myself, I don’t usually refer to other people’s recipes for my blended concoctions. However, I have found some refreshing ideas in this book for what to make my son. He’s 6 and is pretty easy to please when it comes to smoothies, but it’s fun to change it up sometimes. The Monkey Shines recipe is a hit (I substitute almond butter for the peanut butter) and so is The King’s Shake. What’s in these? Well, you’re going to have to download the book to find out!

International Recipes

Chapter 4 is entitled “Breakfast Around the World”, and it presents combinations of flavors and spices that I have simply not thought about before. I love the Caribbean Cardamom and Greek Island Getaway smoothies. And by far the most exciting and unique smoothie to me is the Chocolate Wheatgrass Smoothie. Yum!

The author promises an entire series of Blender books for the Kindle. I look forward to them.

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