Vitamix 48oz Compact Container Details

“Vitamix On the Counter Goodness”
Vitamix Compact 48 ozDo you want a 64 oz or 48 oz container? The release of the Vitamix 5200 Compact Container created rejoicing in the world of high performance blenders, especially in the continued Blendtec vs Vitamix debate.

The compact container is now available with the new Vitamix E310 blender. Also available for Vitamix Smart System blenders.

One of the only complaints against the purchase of a Vitamix blender has been that it does not fit under kitchen cabinets when left out on the counter. The standard space between the bottom of kitchen cabinets and the counter-top is typically 18 inches. The Standard Vitamix 5200 with the 64 oz container sits over 20 inches tall. With the new Vitamix compact 48 oz container the total height is less than 17.5 inches.

Another great benefit of a Vitamix with Compact Container is that its shorter and more stout stature makes it more accessible for removing your blended creations and cleaning it.

One of the very nice features of Vitamix in general is that their containers are UL rated for the advertised volume while the majority of other blender containers can not operate at their advertised full volume. That means the Compact 48 ounce container can efficiently blend a full 48 ounces (that’s 4 12 ounce green smoothies at a time).

Since few people have the need to blend 64 ounces at a time, the fact that you are getting a smaller container makes no difference. Yet you gain the benefits of choosing the compact container package.

How does it perform?

The Vitamix 48 oz compact container blends every bit as good as the 64 oz. There is no noticeable difference at all. We use our compact container with great joy. It has now become our most used of all containers, not only because it can stay on top of the Vitamix base and fit under our cabinets but also because we love efficiency and it is even easier to clean than the 64 oz.

It has always been a challenge of ours to not make a full container of green smoothie. For some reason we just have to fill it to the top. As much as we love our green smoothies we oftentimes find it difficult to drink the entire 64 ounces at one meal. Now when we use our compact container, and fill it to the top of course, it always seems to be the perfect amount for the 3 of us.

Vitamix was smart in the design of their latest container. The compact container comes with a custom “mini-tamper” and the opening in its lid is smaller than standard lids. Its unique lid is a lighter color than the 64 oz lid. This might not seem like a big deal but with several Vitamix lids on the shelf it is easy to distinguish the compact container lid from among the others.

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