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Why are my green smoothies foamy?

I’ve had my Vita Mix for 12 years. I have replaced the wet blender just once, last year. I love this machine. I use it every day. I do have a question, though: my green smoothies wind up with about an inch of froth at the top after blending. Why?

I wind up pouring the whole container into a gravy separater to skim off the froth, but I just wonder if there’s something I’m doing wrong, or if this is SOP.

My recipe is for two people, and is:

2 cups purified water
handful kale with stems torn out
handful spinach

alternating with
handful parsley
handful dandelion

2 or 3 bananas

and that’s it!



Your recipe looks great! Simple, yet divine.
Many people have asked the same question and I’ve done a lot of testing to get to the bottom of the Froth and this was my findings…

Two things in particular can make your smoothie frothy:
– lots of citrus, a lot of pith (the white part) of oranges, grapefruit and the like
– raw egg white

While some ingredients do create more foam than others I found that independent of specific ingredients there was one factor that consistently created more froth. The factor… WATER.

I found that blending smoothies with a lot of water created more froth. I rarely experience this in my routine because my smoothies remain “thick” compared to others’ standards. I also found that more froth is created when turning your Vita-mix quickly to maximum speed. So here is my recommendation for reducing froth:

Only add the amount of water/liquid required to blend your smoothie.
Then after smooth blending, add the remaining water/liquid you want for your desired consistency.

Add ice to your smoothie and less water

Take full advantage of the blender’s speed control or Vitamix variable speed dial.
Start blending on the lowest setting and dial up the speed up the as the blending happens. Then, once the smoothie first begins to vortex crank up the speed to maximum.

There you have it.

Try these suggestions with your frothy smoothie recipes and let us know if there is a difference for you.

Happy blending.

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