Vitamix Sold Out… Order Here!

Vitamix sold out

Is it true?

Are Vitamix blenders sold out on

“Due to overwhelming demand, this product is currently unavailable.”

If you tried to order a new Vitamix from the store you may have received a shock when you went to add it to the cart for purchase. Basically, you were denied because some Vitamix blender packages are “sold out”. New Vitamix blenders have been selling like hotcakes and some are not available online due to low inventory of a specific Vitamix package. The fact is that because inventory is low, they are not available online BUT in most cases you can order the package and color that you want by ordering direct by Phone.

What is currently available online to ship at this time:

   » Vitamix 7500 New Model
   » Vitamix 5200 Classic Series in most colors
   » Reconditioned Vitamix

But you want a certain color or package? No Problem.

Use our Vitamix Promotion Code to ORDER BY PHONE

vitamix promotion code


    M-F 8AM-10PM EST
    SUN 12PM-5PM EST

Give our promotion code and the sales specialist will assist you with your order. In most cases what you want IS available, it’s just not available online. If the package and color you want is in stock it will be sent to you. If, not, you will immediately be placed on the list to receive your Vitamix blender as soon as it is built. You will NOT be charged until your blender ships.

As ALWAYS, you will receive all the great benefits of our Vitamix Promotion Code 06-005220:

  • Free Shipping to the US and Canada (Save $25/$35)
  • 30-Day Risk Free Trial in your home
  • 7-Year Full Use Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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