Wheatgrass and Green Smoothies… WOW!


Wheatgrass – I Love You

Wow… I can’t believe how much I really enjoy wheatgrass.

I have enjoyed wheatgrass shots from time to time for a while now. When I indulge I love them. I usually take a double and I don’t understand why anyone would want a chaser of juice. But my love for wheatgrass has been growing to a new level.

About a month ago I started wanting more wheatgrass in my diet and was ecstatic when I found I could buy it by the pound fresh cut from a local farm. I began adding it to every green smoothie I made.

You can make green smoothies with wheatgrass!

I recalled from the past when I put the entire grass in the Vita-Mix that it resulted in grassy gobs that were less than pleasant. So I resorted to cutting the wheatgrass into 1/4 to 1/2 inch pieces with my kitchen scissors or else fine chopped it on a cutting board. This works great. Wheatgrass adds a fantastic creamy sweetness to green smoothies – similar to romaine and banana. I really can not recommend adding wheatgrass to your smoothie enough!

wheatgrass_smoothieWheatgrass Heaven Smoothie

2 banana
1/2 cup red grapes
1 cup wheatgrass
2 hand fulls of spinach
1/2 bunch of parsley
1/2 cup soaked chia
1 tsp Spirulina

water to blend

Enjoy immensely!


So… what do you do with your wheatgrass? We hunger for more recipes.

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