Springtime Wild Greens Smoothie

I absolutely LOVE May.

I certainly enjoy the the flowers but it’s the fresh field greens that gets me really excited. I thought I’d kick things off with a super nice green smoothie treat.

I’ve been enjoying this power-packed green smoothie for a few weeks and just have to share it. This is not a recipe for those new to green smoothies. This is a very powerful and intense smoothie. If you really love and appreciate the complex flavor of greens like I do, try it without the banana. The 3 greens used are commonly found growing wild in lawns and fields (and can also be found in some health food stores and at growers market). Be prepared for a strong flavor explosion that will give you energy.

The Springtime Wild Greens Smoothie

– 1 hand-full of lambsquarter
– 1 hand-full of dandelion greens
– 1 hand-full of mustard greens
– 1 orange peeled
– 1 ripe banana
– water to blend

This makes almost 2 pints of green smoothie. I realize a “hand-full” is relative but use your intuition and experience. Use less greens if the flavor is too intense for you.

The benefits you will receive from this smoothie are amazing:

– lots of complete protein
– lost of Vitamin A, K, C
– enormous amounts of anti-oxidants
– Calcium
– Iron
– and so much more

Great for your liver and kidneys too!

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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