Bad Cravings


Today I experienced serious, non-stop cravings for “bad” food (bad food to me includes: sugar, wheat, dairy, meat, and any processed food). It has been a long time since I experienced such strong cravings for food that I normally do not eat and I could not understand why, after-all I had just recently returned from an incredible all raw backpacking trip and felt fantastic both physically and emotionally. What could it be?

I spent some time reviewing my diet the last few days since returning from the mountain tops. I ate well, all raw, lots of fresh fruit and veggies but upon reflection there was one major thing missing. Green Smoothies. The last few days have been so busy and full with transition from our travels that I had neglected to have a green smoothie in 2 days! I did have some fantastic smoothies that my sweetie made, like  a Creamy Hemp Mylk Shake but no greens.

Could this really be the reason for such dark cravings? It makes sense, but I will be starting tomorrow with a green smoothie as usual and see what happens.

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