Laughter is GOOD Medicine

What do puffballs, aquarium gravel, and peppers have in common?…

They all made our family laugh like crazy today!

Our son is now 6, so we decided he was ready to enter the April Fool’s Day ring. We told him yesterday what it was all about. He was pretty excited to see what would happen today.

My sweetie is doing an Arise & Shine colon cleanse right now and uses their psyllium husks for his regular cleansing shakes. So, I emptied out the psyllium package and replaced the contents with aquarium gravel. Ha! Well, he did sort of a reverse passive trick on me by not giving me the satisfaction of my joke, saying that he decided not to take the psyllium today because he was feeling ill. We still got to have a good laugh and I got to feel quite clever.

The puffballs were reserved for my son. We emptied a package of strawberries we had in the fridge and replaced them with the balls. When he went for his fruity snack, he found those instead. We all howled with laughter. It was so fun to yell out “April Fool’s!” to him and have him just shake with laughter.

Then his dad got him too. He served him up a bowl of the peppers instead of the pasta he was expecting. It was so funny to see his reaction to these things he emphatically dislikes.

And the grande finale was…we short-sheeted our son’s bed, which took some crafty calculation since he’s only 4 feet tall.

There were lots and lots of other funny foolings and clever comebacks which filled our home with laughter and smiles, and a tad of suspicion. It served to be a day that brought us closer together and a great reminder of how light-heartedness and joviality and just plain ol’ fun enhances our wellness and life. I have a feeling there’s going to be a joke or two, or three, coming our way tomorrow!

What made you laugh today?

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