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Laughter is GOOD Medicine

What do puffballs, aquarium gravel, and peppers have in common?… They all made our family laugh

Jonny’s “favorite” Green Smoothie

As most of you probably already know, our son Jonathan (“Jonny”) has been drinking green smoothies

Milk Alternatives

Just say no to Milk. As the collective consciousness regarding nutrition continues to rise, more and

Sweet Papaya Crush Green Smoothie Recipe

“Really Amazing, Best Smoothie Ever!” Today’s green smoothie didn’t only get an esteemed Jonny “Too yummy

Avocado Tahini Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe with Avocado and Tahini - a wonderful green smoothie alternative with less fruit.

Coconut Yogurt Green Smoothie Recipe

Coconut Yogurt Green Smoothie Recipe. Make a delicious vegan green smoothie with coconut yogurt

Fruit Juice Sweetener – the new Processed Sugar

Fruit Juice Sweetener is processed Sugar no matter how you coat it. It's no different than

Cool Off with a Frozen Fruit Green Smoothie

This smoothie is absolutely delicious, nutritious, and refreshing. My son and I drank the entire Vita-Mix

Raw Mom Summit

“It’s time to bring together the Leaders in our community and inspire women as the heartbeat

Green Smoothie Kids

Children love green smoothies! Children of all ages enjoy green smoothies! And why not? Kids haven’t