Raw and Beyond Book Release

Raw & Beyond

How Omega-3 Nutrition Is Transforming the Raw Food Paradigm

Victoria Boutenko has teamed up with Elaina Love and Chad Sarno for her latest offering on Raw Food diets. These three leaders in the raw food movement have come to the same conclusion that we have been teaching and sharing for several years – that a complete 100% raw diet is likely not the best diet. The three authors apparently came to the same conclusion after being totally raw for about the last 17 years.

The book is essentially a recipe book of 100 recipes with discussion about Omega fatty acids.

Their latest approach they have coined “beyond raw” where their diet consists mostly of raw food. A main reason for their shift in thinking is based on the research of Omega fatty acids and their impact on the human body. The studies have shown that when eaten in excess, Omega-6s can cause obesity and inflammation. Those who stick to a 100% raw diet tend to each large quantities of Omega-6s in the form of seeds and nuts.

Raw & Beyond reaches the conclusion that the majority of raw foodist have an excess of Omega-6 and a deficiency in Omega-3s and to resolve this issue steamed and “lightly cooked” foods should be added to a raw food diet.

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If you are looking for the best source of Omega-3 our favorite is Chia Seeds

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