The Excalibur Dehydrator runs non-stop!

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Excitement builds as the low hum of the Excalibur dehydrator runs…

We have no doubt given that dehydrator a workout for the last 20 days or so it has not seen a break in the demand.  With the advent of the backpacking trip upon me the food preparation has been non stop. On top of that, prototype products for our upcoming packaged offerings have filled the trays as well.


Here are some of the tasty morsels that continue to be turned out for the backpacking trip:


– kale chips

– Rosemary sourdough bread

– jalapeno veggie crackers

– watermelon-pineapple candy

– iced cookies

– blueberry bars

– dried fruit (pineapple mango banana)

– spicy Nama Shoyu garlic almonds

– cashew curry crackers

All this as well as some fresh fruit and veggies. All raw and all delicious!

So the big question… must I share?

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