Vitamix Mother’s Day Sale

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Vitamix Mother's Day Sale

Mother’s Day 2022 Vitamix sales have begun, offering discounts on all of their new blenders in the US and Canada through May 15 in the US and Canada. You can save $50 to $100. Free shipping included with all purchases, always.

With so many Vitamix models to choose from we recommend our Complete » Vitamix Model Buying Guide to assist.

Ascent Blenders

The most popular and newest models included in the sale are the Smart System Ascent Series. This series of blenders features the newest design and technology available in a Vitamix, including self-detect containers.

Final price shown in the cart. For additional information and a detailed review see our Vitamix Ascent Series Review. Vitamix Ascent Series

Classic Blenders

The Vitamix Classic blender models include the C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian Series models. These are the blenders with the power and performance to deliver but without the newest technology and fancy features found on the Ascent models, and therefore cost less.

Vitamix Ascent Series

Reconditioned Blenders

For the best deal and the most for your dollar, Reconditioned Vitamix are a great choice when you are on more of a budget. These are the refurbished units that come with great guarantees at a great price.

Vitamix Ascent Series

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