Vitamix Professional 500 compared to Vitamix 5200

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Vitamix Pro 500

Vitamix Pro 500   vs   Vitamix 5200.

Just when you think the Vitamix 5200 is the best home blender Vitamix has to offer, you have a new decision to make – as they have added the Vitamix Pro 500 – 1710 to their “Professional Series” (the same as the Vitamix 6300).

The Vitamix Pro 500 blender is beautiful and has some wonderful added features not found on the Vitamix 5200. For the most part you are getting all the same advantages of the Vitamix 5200. The same 11.5 amp 1380 watt motor, the same 64oz BPA-Free container and the same 7 year warranty provided.

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The extra goodies that the Vitamix 500 offers have been anticipated by many and welcomed by all. At first glance of the Pro 500 it’s easy to think that you are looking at a metal version of the Vitamix 5200 as it does look very similar except for the shiny brushed stainless steel finish (the Vitamix 5200 is available in white/black/red/platinum). The base design is the same and the control layout is identical but a closer inspection of the panel reveals the distinction.

Professional 500                             Vitamix 5200  

The variable speed dial holds the major difference found in the Vitamix Pro 500; you can now turn the speed dial to the left and choose between 3 preset blending cycles – smoothie, soup and dessert. Also, there is now a separate power switch on the base of the Professional 500. The 5200 on/off switch on the right side is now a start/stop switch and the left side hi/lo switch of the 5200 has been converted to a pulse switch on the Pro 500. The variable speed dial remains in the middle although without the hi/lo switch like the 5200, the dial now includes the full range of Vitamix power, 11 to 240 mph, up to 37,000 rpm.

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A word about the Pulse feature. The Vitamix 5200 already has a built-in pulse. By turning the variable speed dial up from low and back down quickly you essentially are pulsing and you have complete control over the speed and time at which you pulse. OR set the speed you want and turn the switch on/off. You essentially have a variable speed pulse™ at your finger tips.

Another difference found in the box is the support materials, the recipe books and DVDs. While the 5200 Whole Food Recipes book, Getting Started Guide and Let’s Get Started DVD focuses on introducing you to using a high performance blender and how to easily get more whole foods into your diet, the Professional 500 Create Recipes book and Let Get Started DVD focuses more on gourmet cooking and complex recipe creation written by professional chefs.

What about the Vitamix CIA “Professional”?

The Vitamix CIA Professional blender is NOT the same as the Professional 500, it is essentially identical to the Vitamix 5200

» More details on the Vitamix CIA

Cost Difference:

While the Vitamix 5200 sells for $449 regular price, the Vitamix Pro 500 retails for $699, although it can be found for less. So the real decision between the two comes down to whether or not the added features are worth the extra $ to you.

Which do you choose?
Vitamix Professional 500 or Vitamix 5200?

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Vitamix Professional 500
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