Monthly Topics:: April 2012

Vitamix Creations Elite Review

The new generation Vitamix blender is here! The VItamix Creations Elite, a quieter, better design. But

Kiwi – the new superfood?

There is a lot of information about kiwi fruit. In a nutshell, I was pleasantly surprised

Week 2: 14-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Hurray for everyone who participated in our April Green Smoothie Challenge! We had many green smoothie

Raw Cashews?

CaSHEW on this! You know how when you buy cashews at the store and the package

Week 1: 14-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Our April Green Smoothie Challenge continues to be a big hit. Green Smoothie veterans and newbies

“Vegetarian Breakfasts in a Blender” Review

The Blender Queen’s Guide to Vegetarian Breakfasts in a Blender: 45 Recipes by Elizabeth Zane A

Laughter is GOOD Medicine

What do puffballs, aquarium gravel, and peppers have in common?… They all made our family laugh

Omni Blender Giveaway

Your Omni Blender could be FREE! OmniBlender is giving away every 10th Omni V blender purchased